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While unlike my husband, I don’t really miss every second of being a child, with scabs and scratches galore, but what I kind of do miss is being able to wear a bikini and not worrying about patches of hair showing in the most awkward of places, the bikini line, armpits, face, belly and the list goes on. Not to mention the fact that as olive skinned- dark haired as I am, any sort to of a hair growth not only tends to be visible to the extreme, but also happens to grow out in record speed!

And honestly it’s just so uncomfortable! I mean, this isn’t the 90’s anymore, you don’t have Alyssa Milano (from Charmed) on screen with her hairy arms making you think, “Oh if one of the Charmed One’s can have body hair so can I…”, instead you have this impossible standard of hairlessness to live up to, and let’s face facts getting up every day and shaving yourself as bare as a baby’s bottom is not the easiest task in the world (especially when you end up with a 6’oclock shadow everywhere).

As for waxing sessions, going to get yourself waxed every two months is just not affordable, if you grow body-hair out at the rate I do, or if you are allergic to everything in the world like my room-mate.

I’m Amy and I’m the author and creator of all things laser hair removal. I’ll share with you my tricks and tips and best products I think to ensure you buy a safe laser hair removal machine according to your budget to make you hair free, not to mention feel better, more comfortable and more confident in your own skin.

Amy xx



  1. Is it possible to perform laser hair removal at home? Is there home made system for this?

  2. Hi Amy, I heard another Home laser device named Silkpro, do you know it? How about your views?
    Looking forward to your kind response.

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