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Be Prepared For Laser Hair Removal At Home With These Laser Safety Products

For most of us, opting for laser hair removal has been a pretty long term journey, unlike shaving, where you just wake up one fine morning and decide to trim the hedges, so to speak. The downside is that once we buy our laser hair removal machine, by the time we get the laser hair removal device delivered we are wondering if we really should have just spent as much as we did.

The upside? You will thank yourself for it even after the first hair removal session. Although you have outlaid the money now, you will be Hair-Removal-Accessoriessaving with every hair laser session that you do and for your future hairless life. Better yet, you get time to prepare, and as anyone who has gone through laser hair removal treatment before knows, there is a whole lot of preparing when it comes to any sort of IPL, laser or electrolysis hair removal at home.

This preparing is mainly limited to three specific things, eyes, pre-laser hair removal skin care, and post-laser hair removal skin care. Three relatively simple steps to a hassle free and safe home laser hair removal procedure.

Safe laser hair removal should not be overlooked. For example, when it comes to your eyes, think of laser hair removal treatment like you would roller skating, you have to protect your vulnerable areas. In terms of any hair removal machine that emits light, this means you need to protect your eyes. Even if you think you bought the best hair removal machine, you still need to ensure you have the safety accessories to go along with it. The way any laser or intense pulsed light machine works is by targeting melanin under your skin, inside the hair follicles, (which is why hair must be darker than skin for it to be applicable) and then kills or destroys the melanin. Ensure that this light doesn’t affect your eyesight!

Eye Protection

Eye-Protection-Laser-Hair-RemovalContinuing on from above, your eyes contain melanin, that means one accidental zap and you could actually blind yourself – do not take that risk. You are talking about your ability to see.

You need to buy protective goggles or glasses for laser hair removal before you even think of buying a home hair removal system. There are a variety of types to suit your specific needs and your budget, look into them and pick one, but don’t skip out on them. The hair removal machine and the protective eye-wear go hand in hand.

2017 Update: The Best Selling eye protective glasses I recommend below for laser hair removal are available now, the QQ Tech Laser Eye Protection Goggles

Pain Factor

Probably one of the most requested questions when it comes to how to get rid of hair permanently via laser and IPL hair removal machines is this – “Does laser hair removal hurt?”. The best way I can explain the pain factor with all hair reduction methods of Electroylis, IPL and laser hair removal is this; it varies from person to person. I know it’s a broad answer, but let me tell you why…

I personally am not bothered it, I find that the sensation is bearable, my friend however, uses copious amounts of numbing creams, pre-laser treatment and post-laser treatment creams. See below for the recommend numbing and calming creams and for more information.

So why does laser hair removal hurt for some people and not others?

It all depends on the hair follicles and the type of hair we have, some of us have fine, thin hair, whilst others have thick, coarse and deep hair follicles. Also whether you find laser hair removal painful or not can largely come down to what you have done in the past, have you been shaving your entire life or have you also done waxing and felt the pain of the hair follicle being removed from the root?

In general, 80% of people who buy a hair removal machine, whether they buy a laser hair machine or an IPL hair removal machine, people prefer some sort of pain relief or pain prevention when it comes to doing hair removal at home. I would recommend you to purchase a numbing cream as a pre-caution to ensure you to avoid any side effects of doing laser hair removal treatments at home.

Pre-Laser Hair Removal Care

Pain is the next fear for home laser device users. As I have mentioned above, some people can be extremely sensitive to pain and find themselves in need of some kind of a crunch to help them get through the laser hair removal procedure at home.

Since you are going to be doing this at home you have two options, you can either use ice to numb your area, with the added benefit of allowing it to cool the area as well or you have the option to pick out a proper numbing cream or numbing gel, which acts a lot like a topical anesthetic, and makes it less painful for you (this is highly recommended to be purchased when you buy your laser hair removal machine).

There is no other numbing cream better than the this one here. This numbing gel is worth every penny and I wouldn’t recommend any other product. Although the price may look steep compared to other numbing creams, it’s a big tube and it is the best numbing cream to use for IPL hair removal, laser hair removal and any sort of electrolysis. It is the only numbing gel that penetrates deep enough into the skin to have any sort of numbing effect when doing permanent hair removal procedures. It is specifically designed for laser hair removal but it is extensively used and popular as a numbing cream for tattoo, electrolysis, piercing and brazilian waxing worldwide. It is the No.1 top rated and best selling numbing gel sold worldwide. 

Buy Now: #1 Best Selling Numbing Cream HERE

Post-Laser Hair Removal Care

Tria-Calming-GelAfter taking care of pain factor using numbing gels for laser hair removal, comes the post-laser hair removal care procedure. Once you are done with your first session, and even if you have used numbing creams, it is very possible that you will find yourself sensitive in a number of places.

This is normal after any sort of hair removal session and it also treatable. It is important to be pro-active when it comes to after treatment care. Everyone will experience sensitivity after each laser hair removal session and to lesson the effects, hair removal calming creams and soothing gels can be used.

Calming creams or Soothing creams are, provided they are rich in Vitamin E and Aloe based, excellent options for home laser hair removal. In fact, some calming creams such as the Tria Smooth Start help you start soothing before you even start the procedure. Tria Smooth Start Calming Gel is the best calming cream after laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Safety

I believe what we need to understand is that, while laser hair removal is not surgery it is a slightly invasive treatment, going into your skin and killing hair follicles with beams of light. What it’s not, is an instant fix before a beach party, so if we want to have a relatively painless, no-permanent damage inflicted procedure, let’s make sure we play safe.




  1. Thank you for writing on this subject from first hand experience. My name is Sarah and I have been researching the most effective method which shows up as Diode laser prevailing in first place. So when I found your site on Tria I was very happy. I personally have light skin but I have mostly light to medium hair color and some dark hair. I read your review on IPLs compared to the diode laser and I’m wondering if I need to use an IPL which takes way longer for results or if Tria would still work for me. Thank you for your time and reply.

    • hi sarah. thank you for such a nice comment. yes indeed, the tria would be the best option for you. hope you go with that one and you will see great results 🙂 ask me anything if you have any further q’s 🙂

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