Laser Hair Removal, the New Beauty Obsession?



Ghosts of Hair Removal Past

Does anyone remember what the ‘in thing’ for hair removal was before this wave of new age of laser hair removal, IPL hair removal, permanent hair reduction and electrolysis?

Hair-RemovalWell, back in the day, to remove our body hair it was painful sessions of waxing, quickly shaving or being tweezed within an inch of your delicate skin. These ongoing hair removal sessions would make you constantly wonder whether each session would last you into the next week for the beach party, or if you would find yourself at that awkward phase where you can’t grasp it because your hair is not long enough to grip. Leaving you to have to shave again in between for a special event of even worse, let it grow out for the next waxing session.

In short, it kind of sucked.

Ghosts of Hair Removal Present

And then, came laser hair removal and IPL hair removal. Laser and IPL hair removal was simple, if you are not too dark and didn’t have hair that was too light – it was effective, and best of all it lasted! And forever, permanently – way longer and easier than waxing, shaving, tweezing, threading, sugaring of whatever you do to get rid of body hair.

Laser hair removal treatments started in the professional clinics, costing those eager individuals to spend a fortune on laser hair removal sessions in the care of a dermatologist. A few years later and permanent hair removal products starting making their way onto the market, giving everyday people a solution to permanent hair removal at home.Silkn-SN002

Home laser hair removal is basically a get out of jail free card for all of that, usually lasting to up to a year with minimal regrowth, an entire year of no fuss gorgeousness, where you can cuddle and canoodle and all the while not have to worry about looking like your partners unshaved 5 o’clock shadow.

Just quickly, IPL hair removal is basically the same thing with a few technical differences. IPL is also an amazing way to get yourself long term permanent hair removal results based on hair follicle death by light rays. IPL, while not a laser, gives out pretty much the same effects for usually a cheaper price and to a wider variety of skin tones and hair colors since instead of a monochromatic light it uses multiple versions. IPL is basically like the tolerant new generation of Laser hair removal, more open to skin tones and hair color and can often be less expensive.

Ghosts of Hair Removal Future

Currently, the future of home hair removal seems pretty set for a while, however we are working towards permanent hair removal in general, both in laser clinics and permanent hair removal at home. It also looks like we are heading into the direction of permanent laser hair removal machine for facial hair better than the current machines; laser hair removal machines which are targeted towards more sensitive body areas such as the genital areas and hard to reach sensitive areas. This is a step in the right direction. New/Updated 2016: Read more about the safest and best laser hair removal machine for your face.Home-Hair-Removal

Hair reduction both, via laser hair removal and IPL hair removal are giving women all over the world a break from weekly shaves, bi-weekly tweezing, and the monthly wax, helping us cut down on one of the half a zillion things we have to take care of as a cheerleader, mom, wife, partner, career woman and what not! Honestly is it really any surprise that Laser and IPL hair removal is one thing on everyone’s ‘wish list’?




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