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Let’s be honest, everyone wants to take part in the laser hair removal wave of celeb perfection going around. And why wouldn’t we? Not having to pick and choose your clothes for the day before you shower, or limiting your wardrobe to what you can wear post your waxing session and what you can’t wear for weeks before it; that’s the beauty of permanent hair removal is that no planning required. The hair is gone forever.

Hang on, gone are the days where permanent hair removal is only for celebrities and mega rich. Home laser hair removal is possible for all of us, no matter your budget. There is a home hair removal product out there to suit everyone, we are talking about home laser removal products.

But that’s not to say there aren’t questions because – there are plenty of questions when it comes to how to remove hair permanently with laser hair removal, especially in regards to buying your own hair removal machine to do so. Since laser hair removal at home is a slightly invasive way to remove these pesky hair follicles it’s actually natural to want to know all there is to it before we go forward with our plans.

Here, I have tried to answer the most ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ in the most simple way possible. I find it best to answer questions in an everyday approach for everyone to understand. If I haven’t quite answered your question, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me for help 🙂

Q1: Is Laser Hair Removal Safe For My Skin Type?

Amy’s Answer: This depends entirely on your skin type and the laser/IPL hair removal machine being used. But generally there is a ‘standard’ skin color and hair color where most hair removal machines are not effective for. Keep in mind that usually laser hair removal is not targeted for people with very dark skin AND dark hair or people with very light skin AND light hair. Remember, these two examples go hand in hand, meaning if you have dark skin + dark hair, using laser hair removal machines will not have a permanent long lasting effect on you. However, don’t lose hope, there is still options out there for you. Only particular lasers or usually IPL’s can be used to treat such skin tones. Match your skin tone with the chart provided for each machine and discover which side of the spectrum you are on!


The most asked question is this ‘does laser hair removal works on dark skin?’ Gone are the days of permanent hair removal methods such as laser and IPL not working on dark skin. However, it depends how dark your skin is. The best way I can explain is as in my Tria Laser Hair Removal Review whereby I have friends that are Spanish, Greek and Italian and they can  use the Tria machine (Find out more here)

Amy’s Tip: Make sure you check the machine or read any of my machine reviews if you are unsure.

Q2: Is Laser Hair Removal a Permanent Solution?

Amy’s Answer: Yes and No.

Yes, laser hair removal and IPL hair removal treatments, including buying your own at home laser hair removal machine, is a permanent way to get rid of unwanted body hair. Laser and IPL machines work to kill the hair follicle, meaning that the follicle dyes and the hair NEVER grows back! At-home hair removal machines and devices are so well researched and designed (some of which are founded by the same scientists that invented the professional laser machines) that we can do full body permanent hair removal except for the eyes.

We need to understand that any form of natural growth cannot be completely stemmed all in one session and whether you get a permanent hair free result can depend on both YOU and the hair removal MACHINE. Why? Because you need to make sure you prepare yourself properly (ensuring you don’t wax or get a tan prior to the session) and also ensuring you have an effective laser hair removal machine for your skin type.

Provided you have those 2 important factors sorted, you will get permanent hair free results from both laser hair removal and IPL.

So having said that, laser hair removal works through a process that kills the hair follicle, and therefore ensures that particular follicle never allows hair growth again, and as such is seemingly permanent, usually only requiring touch ups for new follicles.

Q3: How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Amy’s Answer: Laser hair removal treatments vary from person to person, but having said that, you will generally find that you need at least two sessions spaced about four weeks apart in order to see the optimum results.

After that, most people require another two sessions spaced similarly apart, for a more permanent hairlessness to ensue, and after that based on how often we need touch ups, kind of like high-lights.

The time it takes to see results also entirely depends on the quality of laser hair removal device you buy.  You get what you pay for when it comes to buying a home hair removal device.

For quickest results, the Tria 4X Laser will provide hair reduction results in as little as 2 sessions, the Remington Quartz shows hair reduction in 3 sessions and the Remington i-Light Pro shows signs of hair reduction in 6 sessions.

Q4: Does Laser Treatment Hurt?

Amy’s Answer: It shouldn’t hurt too much. Not in any significant way that is. As long as you are following the instructions and prepping yourself properly you should be fine. A slight zap and burn feeling is normal, however if the laser is hurting you it means the setting is probably a bit high. Turn down the intensity to a more comfortable range.


Buy a good quality Numbing Cream for laser hair removal at home to ensure you remain pain free and comfortable in your own home. Read more about safety products for laser hair removal here.

Q5: Can You Use At Home Laser Hair Removal Machines On Your Face?

Amy’s Answer: It’s no doubt that wanting to removal facial with laser hair removal is one of the biggest topics going around town. I think all women can agree that if you suffer from unstoppable and noticeable facial hair, you would be desperate to find a permanent facial hair free solution? Am I right?

Thank’s to Tria Laser – Precision, we can now, safely and successfully remove facial hair for women. This includes any face hair removal from the cheek linen downwards including upper lip hair removal. The Tria Precision Laser was specifically designed to remove facial hair but also covers more sensitive areas such as the genital, bikini and Brazilian laser hair removal. Read more including my Tria Precision Laser Review here.

Amy’s word of advice: There is a few products on the market that claim to be safe to use on your face. Please be very careful. I have sifted through so many customer reviews on laser hair machines and you need to be careful when it comes to hair removal for your face. At this point in time, I can only vouch for safe laser hair removal from the best face laser hair removal deviceTria Precision Laser.

Men: For any males reading this, unfortunately, you are unable to do any permanent hair removal, whether it is laser hair removal or IPL hair removal on your face. This is because your hair is thicker and more coarse. There is talks that because the Tria Precision Laser was so successful for removing facial hair through laser hair removal for women, Tria may bring out laser hair removal device for men also. Stay tuned, I will definitely cover it on on laser hair removal for men topics on this site if I come across anything in the future 🙂

Q6: What is the Best Machine for Brazilian and Bikini Laser Hair Removal?

Amy’s Answer: I have answered this question and provided more information in my Tria Laser Precision Review in which this machine is the best machine for Brazilian laser hair removal and bikini laser hair removal in general. The Tria Precision is safe to use on sensitive and harder to access areas of the body due to it ergonomic handheld laser device design. You can order the Tria Laser Precision here.

Q7: Is There Anything I Should Do Pre-Laser Treatment?

Amy’s Answer: Before laser treatment your skin needs to be in the best condition possible. This means, avoid tanning or sunbathing in the days prior and also ensure that and other form of Hair Removal such as Wax is stopped at least 2 weeks prior so, that there may be some follicles to actually work on.

Also, it is recommended to buy a numbing cream to reduce any pain you may experience. This is not only important for beginners but as you increase levels on the hair removal device, it can become more sensitive. Read more about using a numbing cream for laser hair removal at home. The Lidocaine Gel GreenCaine Topical Anesthetic is the best numbing cream to buy (buy now).

Also make sure you are not on any form of medication that could potentially react with your Laser Treatment, or that you are not in any delicate condition, which could potentially be at risk. (e.g. – Pregnancy)

Q8: Is There Anything I Should Do Post-Laser Treatment?

Amy’s Answer: After your session, keep in mind that your skin is still vulnerable and not as ready for the day to day as it usually is, so make sure you limit sun exposure or any type of tanning activity.

Your skin will be more sensitive than usual. To reduce sensitivity, apply a good quality laser hair removal calming cream, I use the Tria SmoothStart Calming Gel (buy here). Read more about the best calming cream for laser hair removal.

Tria-Calming-Gel-Post-Laser-GelNow You Know

Now that you’re in the know, there is officially nothing holding you back now is there? No more worries, no more questions, and absolutely no more stalling. A hairless summer is out there waiting for you – the only question is – do you want one? Find out the which out of the best laser hair removal machines you should buy and rid those hairs goodbye.

Want to know more about permanent hair removal products? Do you have any other questions or have a burning desire to know more? Please leave a comment below and I’ll help you out! Amy x



  1. Thanks for the information. You’re right, shaving and waxing get pretty old. I’d really love to not have to do either one of them anymore. It’s good to know that laser hair removal is easy, painless, and has lasting results. Like you said, “now that I’m in the know, there is officially nothing holding me back”

  2. Wow! This article is representing very effective information regarding laser hair removal. Keep posting!

  3. Bit late to the party, but how easy is it to use home removal products on your back and other difficult-to-reach areas. This is one of the main reasons I am interested in permanent hair removal methods.

    • hi emma. generally they are easy to use. for the back, most machines have a long handle so from the top you can reach to the middle of the back and from the lower back you can reach up to the middle also. for other areas of the body, they are very easy to use. if you need any help in deciding which machine, just let me know 🙂

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