The 6 Best Laser Hair Removal Machines

*Last Updated: October 2017*

So having already embarked on my journey to hairlessness I decided to share some of what I was able to discern as the best laser hair removal machines and devices available now, and lend my voice of experience to make the process as painless as it hopes to be hairless LOL.

In a nutshell, I have a hairy situation, I think most women do. Whether a woman has a lot of body hair or whether she just doesn’t want to see any sign of it, we all hate it and want to remove it as quick as we can and permanently. Am I right ladies (and gents)?

When you are selecting a device for home laser hair removal, you need to consider a number of features, such as how safe the home laser machine is, ease of use, how long the laser hair removal machine cartridges last (or even if it needs cartridges such as the Tria), how effective the hair removal device is, whether the machine is suitable for your skin tone and hair color (do not underestimate this – it is one of the most important things!) and a myriad of other things that can confuse even the most experienced shoppers.

It’s not only important that you pick the most popular laser hair removal system but you must buy a permanent hair removal machine that has a very high safety rating and passes all FDA rules and regulations in relation to laser hair removal safety.

To begin with, I have six best selling and top rated hair removal machines (which I am eagerly update all the time) which I believe are worth a mention. While there isn’t exactly a wealth of options in at home permanent hair removal machines, devices, systems and units to begin with (that are actually worth the money), the reason I choose these six to look into is because every woman has different preferences and needs in laser hair removal, not each one of us can use exactly the same machine.

My list of the 6 best laser hair removal machines includes the current most popular laser hair removal machine, the current best selling laser removal machine, and other laser machines that include the current top rated by verified buyers of laser hair removal products. These hair removal machines you would have definitely come across and wondered about, so let me begin.

1) Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro

Why the Remington i-Light Pro is Popular:Remington-I-Light-Pro
  • Well-known and trusted brand – Remington
  • Very first machine by Remington (new versions available now – see below)
  • You see a permanent reduction in hair within 6 months
  • Long lasting cartridges, providing up to 1,500 flashes
  • Replacement cartridges are good value at approx $30-$40 each (Remington IPL replacement cartridges for the latest price here)
  • FDA approved

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Let me start by just saying that the Remington IPL6000 I-Light Pro is an amazing at home hair removal machine for permanent hair reduction. Not only does the Remington company have a great market name in terms of personal care products, but it has lived up to it in the permanent hair removal also!

This particular home hair removal device is not only molded to mimic salon like effects but it designed provide an at home professional hair removal experience. The Remington iLight Pro is FDA approved with built skin tone sensors, skin contact sensors and five energy levels to set the power of the beam to.

For me, as you will read on, the one aspect that annoys me with the Remington IPL6000 hair reduction system is that it is a ‘hair removal machine’ as opposed to being a ‘hair removal device’. For me, I have an issue with cords and bulky equipment. This is just a personal preference of mine. Other women, prefer buying a home laser hair removal ‘machine’ as opposed to a hair removal ‘device’ so they don’t have to recharge it. I prefer less cords and something that is more of a handheld device and I can easily take it anywhere with me, traveling or going interstate.

Remington-MachineThat said the Remington IPL hair removal machine is not technically a ‘Laser’ hair removal device at all, but rather an IPL hair removal machine (Intense Pulsed Light). Laser hair removal machines and IPL hair removal machines do the same thing but differ in the array of light they emit; meaning since it uses a number of different wavelengths to do what the single wavelength of what a laser hair removal devices does, it is a bit more risky for users with coarse hair or darker skin tones, or with grey hairs or really light hair.

NEW Remington I-Light Hair Removal Systems

Since I first wrote about this machine, there is a great array of new machines available from Remington, here is a quick summary, yes they all look very similar but I will discuss in detail the differences shortly.

Generally, the Remington IPL6000USA i-Light Pro is a great permanent hair removal machine. However, it’s worth a mention that if you are looking for the added extra power for quicker results and permanent hair removal results, the Remington IPL6000P i-Light Pro PLUS and the Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz are better options for a permanent hair reduction system, listed in order of release. These machines is a little on the pricier side than its affordable hair removal machine counterpart, the Remington IPL6000 I-Light Pro.

With the Remington IPL 6000 hair removal machine, the machine reduces hair up to olive skin tones. For darker skin tones, you will find the Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro to be less effective, you will need this machine instead, featured below also. It does however come at the amazing retail price, takes about 6 months to show the long term effects and given its cartridge longevity is a great machine, if you fit the skin tone and hair type requirements. For more of what other customer’s think of the Remington I-Light Pro, click here.

For my detailed review on this machine, Click Here

Remington I-Light Pro Hair Removal System

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2) Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

Tria-LaserWhy I Love the Tria Laser:
  • No cartridge replacement (no ongoing costs)
  • 2X as fast as any other home laser hair removal device
  • Uses the same technology as used by Dermatologists
    (Advanced Diode Laser)
  • LED Display
  • Funky handheld laser device design, no cords or machinery
  • First-ever at home professional laser machine approved by the FDA
  • The Tria Laser is recommended by Dermatologists

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Personally, the Tria laser 4x is my personal favorite laser hair removal machine when it comes to having a permanent hair removal system to use at home. So why haven’t I put it at the top? Purely, the only reason why the Tria hair removal laser isn’t topping my current chart of the best at home laser hair removal home devices is because of its price tag. Retailing at slightly higher than other machines, the Tria laser can be a bit of a scary buy, especially for first time users. Read why I bought and absolutely adore the Tria Hair Removal Laser here: My Tria Hair Removal Laser Review.

However, it should be kept in mind that unlike all the other permanent hair removal machines on the market, the Tria laser is the only machine that does not require cartridge replacement. The Tria 4x Laser requires zero $ in maintenance costs (so you don’t need to buy any cartridges, ever). All it requires is you recharging it.

Tria-Laser-SettingsAlso, unlike the Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro which is an IPL machine (based on Intense Pulse Light technology), the Tria 4X Laser Hair Removal Device, is indeed a laser based hair removal unit, and as is undoubtedly the best of the hair removal lasers on the market right now. It was actually the very first FDA approved at home laser hair removal machine designed for use by everyday women.

I do believe that Tria Beauty with their Tria hair removal laser 4X are the market leaders in home laser hair removal. It has 5 comfort levels and an inbuilt skin sensor, both displaying clearly on it’s clear LED display on the top of the laser handheld device.

It also has a battery life of about forty minutes which is over twice of what most alternative hair removal products offer. What’s more, it’s a handheld device which is super versatile and it’s super funky aswell, you can get it in Fuchsia, Graphite, Turquoise and Lavender.

The Tria hair removal laser 4x is most effective on the light skin-dark hair combination but that is also true of all laser based machines as that is how the machines work to begin with. The Tria handheld laser hair removal system not only is as good as most salon-based laser treatments but is said to display results in as few as two sessions.

Might I must say is that despite the price tag, the Tria Laser remains one of the best selling laser hair removal machines and is one of the Tria-Devicesmost top rated laser hair removal devices on the market. If you want the best home hair removal laser, Tria hair removal devices are your best buy!

So what may be more expensive with an initial enlarged outlay to begin with, the Tria Laser Hair Removal Device can be a long term investment that perhaps gives us more of an effect, perhaps all the more so because even laser treatment for hair removal is not a permanent change, but a longer term one. For more Tria product specifications, click here.

For more customer verified Tria 4X Laser reviews, Click Here

For my detailed review of the Tria, Click Here

Tria Laser 4X

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 3) Tria Hair Removal Laser – Precision

Tria-Precision-LaserBest Features of the Tria Precision Laser:

Compact and lightweight, pop it in your handbag or gymbag

  • Perfect for small hard to reach areas of the body
  • Same laser hair removal technology as the Tria 4X
  • No cartridges required, 15 minute battery life

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The third hair removal machine on my list of the best hair removal devices is the Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision. Tria has already one of the leading products on this list, so the company is undoubtedly a pioneer in this particular field of home laser hair removal machines that mimic professional hair removal machines. Click here to read my full Tria Precision Laser Review.

Its counterpart, the Tria Laser 4X (above) is considered the bulkier version of this new on the market marvel. The Tria 4X Laser and the Tria Precision Laser use exactly the same technology, the Tria Precision Laser is just it’s little sister (and for a smaller price tag).

The reason why Tria brought out a new product in the Tria Hair Removal Laser – P, is to have a hair removal laser product that solely targets the smaller, more sensitive areas of the body. It’s also designed in a way to target the more curvier areas of the body such as the bikini line where the Tria Laser 4x can’t quite get to. Although the technology is the same and the Tria Precision is just as effective as the Tria 4X Laser, it’s sitting at the bottom of my list of the best permanent hair removal machines as it’s not quite efficient for covering large areas of the body with it’s small surface tip.

The Tria Precision Hair Removal Laser is slim, cordless and marketed as a great laser for even sensitive spots such as nipples and facial areas. However unlike the Tria Laser the Tria Precision has significantly less battery life, leading to a tedious session of hair removal. Which along with its comparative new shelf life, the Precision is yet to climb the ranks in laser hair removal devices. Find out more about the Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision. Read more Tria Precision Laser Buyer Reviews. Read more about my Tria Precision Review.

For my detailed review on the Tria P, Click Here

Tria Precision Laser

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4) Silk’n Flash&Go Hair Removal Device

Silkn-Flash-&-GoAt an affordable price, the Silk’n Flash&Go hair removal device is known as the ‘affordable laser hair removal device’ on the market to buy; if you fit the bill that is.

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To be honest, even for the price, you are still paying for a machine that just doesn’t compare to the effectiveness of the Tria laser or even the Remington, hence why I won’t go into that much detail. That’s just my personal opinion. In saying this, its been around for like, ages and ages, and women absolutely love this machine. Reliable and produces some nice results.

If you are in the market to buy a hair removal product to use at home, then to be blatantly honest, your money is better invested in either the Tria Laser or Remington 6000 machines above. However, in saying this, a lot of women still steers towards the Silk’n branded hair removal products as they are a well known and trusted personal care brand.

The marked downside for the Silk’n Flash&Go laser device it is that it has a very narrow bill. If you are tanned or naturally dark this is not the best hair removal device for you. If you are blonde or with light hair, this isn’t your best choice either, since it will take ages to show results. If this is you, read below the ‘Tanda’ machine.

All in all, a FDA cleared and affordable option, if are looking to buy a cheap laser hair removal machine but only of any real consequence for those who fit its effectiveness spectrum.

Silk’n Flash&Go Hair Removal Device

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SilknSN0025) Silk’n SN-002 SensEpil

Another great device for those who fit the profile, this Silk’n SN002 SensEpil, like its predecessor is once again not for anyone with tanned skin or light hair (light hair people, refer the next machine – it’s the one you need in your life!). Other than that, the device is easy to hold, and with FDA approval to give it a ratings boost + it’s super cheap these days as it’s been overshadowed by the ones above.

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With a similar price tag, the Silk’n SN-002 SensEpil is both cost effective and effective for reducing unwanted body hair. Keep in mind that the Silk’n SN002 SensEpil does require cost maintenance in the form of changing cartridges which may pose an issue for some people.

For my detailed Silk’n SensEpil Review, Click Here

Silk’n SN-002 SensEpil

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6) Tanda Me Smooth/ELOS Professional At Home Hair Removal

Tanda-Laser-MachineThe Tanda Me Smooth (*SEE NEW MACHINES BELOW) (also known as ELOS Professional) unlike most other laser hair removal products is specifically targeted at those with lighter hair and hair colors other than brown or black, such as red, blonde, grey and white AND for people with darker skin colors such as brown and the darkest of brown.

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The Tanda Me Smooth hair removal machine also uses Elos Technology which is similar to the Remington’s IPL technology and is said to be greatly effective on all skin tones, although perhaps most notably on blonde’s and lighter haired individuals.

NEW Hair Removal Machines from Tanda

Since I first wrote about this machine, there is a great array of new machines available from this brand, here is a quick summary, yes they all look very similar but I will discuss in detail the differences shortly.

It is however, on the steeper end of the bargain and lacks most of the inbuilt laser features other models tend to boast which is what brings it down on the list. But if you have lighter hair such as blonde, red, grey or white or have dark skin, this is the laser hair removal machine that will produce the best results for you.

Tanda Me Smooth Hair Removal

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All About My Hair Removal Reviews

Aswell as my own personal opinion on each laser hair removal machine mentioned above, I have based a lot of the laser hair removal machine reviews on a collection of verified buyer comments, ratings and reviews. This includes looking through hundreds of customer verified reviews for Tria, Remington, Silk’n and Tanda Me Smooth. Apart from that, I have gathered some of my friends together that have a few of the machines and we have all compared each product. I personally have the Tria Laser and I absolutely recommend it 100% to any woman looking to use an at home laser hair removal machine – it is the best one out there.

Latest Information

I constantly update to bring my readers, followers and friends the latest information in regards to these machines and what is available to both you and me. Take advantage of my research and hope you enjoy reading along!

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Don’t forget that if you live outside the US, you can still get the machines delivered to you:

UK Click Here for delivery within the UK & Europe (usually free shipping and next day delivery is also available).

If you live in the EU or another country, you may also still get it delivered using either of the links above and checking if it ships to your country. If you have any questions, contact me so I am able to assist you.

Be Happy, Be Hairfree!

In short, if you have patches of hair in places you really don’t want them and the supposedly conventional methods refuse to work for longer than a week or two at a time, maybe it’s time to try something new; try home laser hair removal machines. As crazy as home use of laser hair removal devices may sound, they not only come with the added benefit of not pointing out awkward spots to technicians but also by giving you control over your own body in a way you never really had before.

For now, Happy Hairlessness!

*I endeavor to keep my blog up to date with the latest info you need. I was last active/edited this blog October 2017

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  1. Hi Amy
    Thanks for all this valuable info. I hope I don’t come across annoying, I have read everything you wrote but I am still undecided whether to go the Tria or the Remington. Can you please help me out…BTW I have dark hair and light skin (I tan easily though). From Sandy

    • hi sandy. no you are not annoying at all 🙂 both the tria and the remington will work great for permanent hair removal on you because you have dark hair and fair skin so really, it’s up to you, they will both work really well. you just have to decide whether you want the tria 4x laser that is handheld with no replacement cartridges or whether you prefer to replacement cartridges with the remington.

    • I am a male who loves sunbathing nude and in winter I love wearing sheer nude or fishnet pantyhose but hate shaving my legs and private area I cut myself with the razor all the time is the flash & Go safe to remove the hair off my private area,?

      • Thank you for your valuable information..but still confused which one I should buy..i am an indian girl..i have normal skin tone and i want to remove hair permanently from head to toe so can you please recommend me which is best for me and can send me the price detail of such products..again thank u so much….

        • hi jenny. how dark is your skin tone? If you are not too dark, the tria will work fine up to olive/tanned/normal brown skin tone. If you are darker than this, you will need this machine which you can purchase directly from here.

    • i want to use an laser machine for home usage purpose which brand will be good and i have bought an soothing gel called ping gel from s-organics which can be used as post application,what is your opinion

      • I would like to purchase a ipl laser treatment for my face and body. I have fair skin and blonde hair. I was looking at a smooth skin gold IPL what do you think

        • hi diane. unfortunately, the smoothskin gold does not work on blonde hair. the only machine that you can buy which will work for blonde hair is this machine here. I’ve also mentioned this machine in my list above too.

    • Hi was wandering which product would be best for a black girl? With darck hair.

    • Hi admin, me to decide,what item,that suitable for me to buy?im a pre lancer,facialist,i do home services,i want to buy a diode portable device,most of my clients requested here in the philippines.i want a 4x tria laser,because no required cartilage.can u do advice me,what item that u think,can fit for me?

      • hi shirylyn. if you have a home salon, i would recommend other machines apart from the tria. you may need to spend more upfront, but the tria will cost you too much money if you are doing laser hair removal for clients. let me know and i can suggest more of a professional machine for you.

    • Hello ,I have light brown skin color and dark black hair .i read all comments and I’m so confuse which one is better for me I really have thick hair so .which one is best for me and I live in Japan so many of Amazon product don’t ship in Japan so .

      • hi zana. you can use any of the machines above. what body areas do want to remove hair from?

  2. Thank you for your detailed and valuable information. But I still cannot decide which one to buy. Please help! I have dark, coarse hair with brown skin. Thanks

    • hi mitah 🙂 i can try help you, the best machine for you is dependent on how dark your skin is. you have dark hair color so that is good, if your skin color is slightly brown, the remington ipl machine will not be effective, so that leaves the tria 4X laser or the tanda me machine of which both I have written about above. ultimately, the tria 4x laser is the better of the two but if your skin is very brown, maybe you need to consider the newest tanda me machine, the syneron.

    • Admin, please I need I formation, Price and delivery procedures to deliver to Ghana, West Africa. But the needed machine is to be used for public purposes which should be a bigger one. We are opening a Beauty centre and Dermatology January 2016. We would be glad ur recommendation is highly welcome

      • hi Isaiah. I am so happy that i have been able to help you. I am sending you an email now so if you have any questions, you can contact me on my personal email so I can try and help you out.

        • Hi,
          I have light, maybe olive skin and darker hair like dark brown, which would work best on me?

          • hi gigi. you are fine to use any of the machines. It’s all dependent on which body areas you want to use it on also. The Tria is the most effective and the good Temington is very effective also. If you want to use the Remington on your face, make sure you buy this Remington Model which is safe for both face and body. The Tria is safe for both face and body also. It comes down to the budget you have 🙂 The more you spend, the more effective the machine will be for you 🙂 In regards to your skin color and hair color, you will get excellent results from both brands 🙂

  3. Hi, I have medium tone skin and am of Italian background. I have from dark corse hormonal hair to brownish finer hair on my face and arms. Could you please recommend a home hair removal machine for me I can buy. I live in Australia but I’m happy to buy from overseas if you recommend one not available in Australia. Thanks Lucy.

    • hi lucy 🙂 no problem. since you have dark/brown hair, even though your skin is slightly dark you will get rid of hair permanently and have good results with pretty much all machines i have suggested above. you just need to be careful because if you tan easily, don’t use the machine when you have been tanning because the darker your skin is the less effective it will work (that is for all the machines EXCEPT for the tanda machine which works on all skin colors). i’ve done some research on different machines available in different countries and i had a lady email me last week from Australia so looked into what was available there and compared to what was available online (as in the machines above). so, lucky i’ve already researched this and i can tell you that i would suggest any of the machines above. the only thing i would suggest is that you said you want to use it on your face, the remington machine above is not ‘approved’ for the face (although ALOT of women use it on the face just fine), this Remington machine is (Ipl6000f) is approved for the face and you can also look into the upgraded Remington machines available too (the links have been included in my post above to the pro plus and quartz) as they are more effective for those with darker skin and also can be used to get rid of facial hair permanently.

  4. Hi again. Sorry to be a pain I should of mentioned this in the first email. As I said I have medium completion with black hormonal hair,fine brownish hair and also blond fine hair on my face. So I’m wondering if there’s one particular machine that would be best for me. Thanks Lucy.

    • hi lucy sorry i thought i answered your question in my last reply and i hope it’s not too late, i just saw your second comment now. if you are looking for a machine that can get rid of hair permanently for all hair colors, as in it will work on both dark hair and also blonde hair, maybe look at getting the tanda me machine as per above (or also the newest 2014 tanda machine). the tanda me works on all hair colors so blonde, white, grey, red and of course, black and brown hair color 🙂 happy holidays 🙂

  5. Hi, thank you for your great reviews! I have pale skin with fairly dark hair, so do you think I should be ok to go with the cheaper option? I’m actually thinking of getting the Silk’n Glide, which has 150,000 flashes. I’m guessing it has the same effectiveness as the other Silk’n products!

    • hi sarah. since you have dark hair and fair skin you will get great great results using these machines 🙂 you will be ok going for a cheaper machine but just remember that especially with home laser hair removal devices/products you get what you pay for. so investing in a better machine has more up to date technology which means faster and better results with often less pain because the technology is more accurate in targeting the hair follicles. however, the silk’n glide is a one of the newest from silk’n and an affordable option too, just maybe not as great as the ones above but will do the job anyhow 🙂 to answer your question, yes it has the same effectiveness as the other silk’n products. i personally like the design 🙂

  6. hello madam, myself jarus from Nepal.i am 28 yr old male. Does Remington i-Light Pro and tria hair removal laser 4x really effective for men???? where can i get these products in Nepal??

    • hi jarus. as you are a male the tria hair removal laser will be great for you. out of the remington ipl machines, I would suggest the better machine – the remington quartz as men tend to have thicker, coarser hair and you will need a better machine. everyone buys these machines online as you can’t get them from shops or stores locally in each country. people get them shipped to their house. try buying the tria 4x laser here or the quartz remington here to see if you can get them shipped to you.

  7. Hi, I appreciate your knowledge of these products. I am white male brown hair. I want one for removal of hair around my genital area as well as strays on face nose and above eye brows. $ not an issue.

    • hi danny. i would go for the tria 4x above because you can use it on your face and body, just be careful around your genital area, use on a low setting. if price isn’t an issue, the tria 4x above is the best on the market for what you want 🙂

  8. Hi,
    I went through your article and comments. I am dark brown south-asian male, and have thick dark hair. Which product do you recommend?

    • hi maken. depending on how dark you are, two options, either the tria 4x laser as above or the tanda me smooth as above (or you also have the option to buy the new machine which as just been released, updated late 2014 model). if there isn’t much difference between your skin color and hair color go for the tanda as its the best hair removal machine for dark skin and dark hair. if you are brown colored skin (more olive/tanned rather than dark brown) but not too dark, then the tria is also good 🙂

      • Hi administration. I READ all your advise but still undecided. I have dark hair and light skin.I have extra hair on my chin.which one is useful for me to satisfy my purposes::1best effect.2 not expensive.3 can use for whole body.4 with the most shouts that I can use many times.

        • hi elham, well since you want one that is the most affordable, maybe try the silkn above.

  9. I like the prices on the Me and the Silk’n but the prices will go up with needing to purchase the replaceable cartridges. I have read many of the reviews on Amazon in regards to the Tria. Many people dislike the small treatment head, they say when they stop using it their hair returns as full and thick as before and after 400 charges you have to replace the entire unit. So I’m pondering, is it better to buy something cheaper that treats a larger surface area so it’s not so time consuming therefore using it on a more regular basis, as well if you have to replace the complete unit down the road will one be saving any money. Would love your thoughts. 🙂

    • hi nicole. that’s correct, all of the machines have their good and bad when it comes to doing permanent hair removal at home. just remember that these machines have come a long way since a couple of years ago and the fact that you actually do this at home and save thousands of dollars compared to laser hair clinics is a major thing! (and a major saving). there is no way that your hair returns full and thick by using these hair removal machines, maybe these people bought the tria when they had blonde or red hair because it’s ineffective on these hair colors but for brown and black hair colors, it worked wonderfully. in the end, the decision is yours on what you prefer, at least there is a few to choose from depending on what matters most to you. i don’t see replacing cartridges such as large expense at $30 when you save so much from doing this as the hair is removed permanently (and personally i enjoy it and i haven’t met anyone else that doesn’t, it really is addictive). if you want to do large body areas, maybe consider the tanda above or you can try the upgraded remington machine also (not included in above but you can get it here remington q – its an excellent machine, newer than the remington above).

    • hi linda. the only home hair removal machine for grey and white hairs (aswell as red and blonde hair) is the tanda me machine as per above. also – see the newest 2014 released tanda me machine also 🙂

  10. I’m an African American female with medium-dark skin tone and very dark black coarse hair. I also have coarse grey hair in areas. I have had both electrolysis and laser hair removal before but after returning to shaving. I can hardly tell where I had the procedures done. What system do you recommend?

    • hi trici. for women and men with dark skin color such as african americans, the only hair removal machine that you are able to use that will work on you is the Tanda machine above (also check out the NEWEST model for stronger/more powerful, newer technology).

    • hi dee, the no no is an epilator/depilatory hair removal device, it is not a laser or ipl hair removal device, meaning you won’t get permanent hair removal results.

  11. Hi Amy:
    Thanks for the reviews–hugely valuable resource. I’m curious about the Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro, though; Amazon says that it isn’t for permanent hair removal, and the comments concur with that. Their IPL6000P and Q machines both are said to remove hair permanently. Is Amazon wrong? Thanks!

    • hi jessica. sorry i thought i replied the other day but i bypassed your comment. with your question, the i-light pro provides a permanent reduction to hair, however, the i-light pro is now quite an older machine now with kinda outdated technology which has now been surpassed by the newer Remington pro plus and Remington quartz (the latter being the newest). these two machines have the best technology that Remington has to offer and they remove hair faster and you get more permanent results quicker (better technology). with the first Remington machine being the i-light, the results are permanent, you just need more time and more patience to get results as the technology is a little older now. everyone needs a different amount of treatments and if you do enough treatments that you need individually, then you will see the results you want 🙂

  12. My 12 yr old grandaughter has a dark mustache and dark hair going down her back from the hairline and she is devastated by the continued teasing from her peers. She has a medium complexion and the facial/back hair is thick and fine. Any recommendation would be fantastic. Thank you so much!

    • hi nonny. that is terrible to hear that your granddaughter get’s teased, i feel sad reading your comment and feel terrible for her. you are a great grandmother looking for ways to help her out 🙂 the best hair removal machine for her would be the tria 4x laser. however, please note that she is only 12 years old and really she probably still has delicate skin so i would be hesitate to do it on her just yet. i also think the manufacturers say 16 or 18 years old and above for this reason. if you do decide to go ahead, ensure that her mother or you do the treatments on a very low setting, do not allow her to use it on her own and ensure you do a test patch.

  13. Hi. A great helpful article..well could you please tell me whether Tria x4 mechine can be used for face and body including pikini and the senstive area .. thank you so much

    • hi zain. yes of course! the tria 4x is safe to use on all areas of the body, face, body and sensitive areas 🙂

  14. Thank you for answering me..well another question: it is possible that the tria x4 used by more than one person?

    • your welcome 🙂 they say that you shouldn’t share machines for hygienic reasons but I share my machines with my friends, plus at laser clinics they share the machines with thousands of different customers….. just as long as you clean the machine with some good antiseptic wipes and don’t share the machine if you are going to do some other extreme body areas. the only reason you might not share the machine is if the other person doesn’t have the right skin color/hair color. that’s my opinion, just get some good antiseptic wipes and your good to share it 🙂

  15. Hello, I have light skin and dark hair so I know most machines will probably work well for me. What is the current device that has the best technology at a reasonable price, especially if you have a coupon? I am thinking the remington IPL6000 i-light pro. Also, right above one of my armpits I have a tattoo and some hairs that grow in it…..will I have to avoid that area? Would it make the ink come out? I have some other tattoos on my body I would like to get rid of and am wondering if any of these lasers work on tattoo removal as well?

    • hi jillian. that’s right, you are considered one of the lucky ones with fair skin and dark hair color. the machine with good value would be either the remington pro plus (the machine better than the i-light pro), the Silk’n is not bad (above) or another option if you want one of the latest devices if you can try the NEW Veet machine. I’ve actually just purchased this one and trying it out now, people are raving about it! I wouldn’t personally go for the basic remington i-light pro when you can get others for a little more money and see way better results. Any less than $250, you are getting more outdated machines that don’t have the most up to date technology and you will be waiting a while to see some good results. another thing to take under account is hair thickness and growth speed, if you are thick, stubborn hair and it grows fast, look at getting a better one to really work on thicker hair (hence the likes of Tria and Remington Quartz – both above). with tattoo removal, they say not to use them on tattoos because they can lead to fading because these machines work on dark pigments in the skin but I guess since you are wanting to get rid of them then it might favor you to use them on those areas. i would do little tests on parts of them before you zap the whole tattoo just to make sure.

  16. Wow, thank you sooo much Amy! I havn’t completely decided yet but am going to take one of your recommendations in the next few days. You have saved me from spending a ton of money that I do not have at my local dermatologist office!!! I was just thinking bikini area(very prone to ingrowns, especially with waxing) but after looking through your site I want to do my whole body because I know I will get addicted to it. Compared to what I was going to spend I will for sure get a newer device! I’m going to hold off on the numbing cream because I am scared that if it is too numbed then I will apply the laser for more time then is needed. Thanks again!

  17. Hi, my ethnic background is Indian and I have brown skin, which is milk chocolate in colour and I have very fine black hair on my face. Could you please recommend a brand for me. TIA

    • hi tia. the only option for you if you have very dark skin color is the Tanda machine (as above) or the newest model released of that machine is also this one, tanda machine.

  18. Hi Amy, thank goodness ..finally some honest advice! I have spent a huge amount of money on laser hair removal over the last couple of years performed by technicians in clinics. I have a pale skin tone & dark course hair so you’d expect a good result. Although it slowed down hair growth at the time of having continuous treatments it hasn’t made a significant difference. I have discontinued treatments & already the hair seems to have regrown in places of treatment with possible scarring. I’m sceptical that any home machines/devices will work after my experience but I’m willing to try anything at this stage. Is there anyone you have heard of having any luck with a home used machine/device after professional machines have proved unsuccessful?

    • hi leah. thanks! that is totally odd and very disappointing to hear, especially after spending a fortune at a clinic, I would be very unhappy also. Tria 4x laser is the best on the market (refer above) in my opinion. if you don’t like the fact that the Tria is battery operated, opt for the Remington but maybe try the Remington Quartz (the most powerful home machine by Remington) which I have suggested in my review here. The basic Remington may just not be powerful enough for you and the Quartz is definitely worth the little bit extra. there is many reasons why it didn’t work for you, did you shave beforehand? how often did you do treatments?- these can effect the cycle of hair growth.

  19. Hi, I’m confused as to which unit to buy. I have fair/medium skin, and I want permanent hair removal along the jawline. The hairs are a very light brown, dark blonde since I have not tried to shave, kind of down-like hairs. The hair on my head is med/dark brown, naturally. Would the Laser 4 or Precision work for me?

    • hi sharon. that’s ok, let’s try and clear your confusion for you.. removing hair along the jawline and face for sure can be treated with a few machines so that is no problem at all. the only concern is this – how blonde are your hairs? you mentioned dark blonde, more towards brown, so that is OK you can use either the Tria Precision or the Tria 4x, if true blonde, the Tria’s will be ineffective (you’ll need to get the Tanda above or the NEW tanda machine). the important thing and easiest way to determine is, can you see a difference in hair color/skin color? If so, you are fine. if the hairs are so blonde that you can’t see them (they match the color of your skin) then both the Tria’s wont work in this case, i.e go Tanda. my guess from what you have told me is that you will be fine, any slight difference in hair color / skin color and the hairs being dark blonde. I would go for the Tria Laser 4.

  20. Hi, I have pale skin but dark corse hair that I want tto get rid of but also have light blonde in areas what would be my best option for permanent results?

    • hi diane. the best machine is by far the Tria 4x for light skin and dark coarse hair (if the budget doesn’t allow, the Remington is good – but you will need the Remington Quartz (i’ve referred to this machine in the remington i-light review), however both the tria and remingon machines will not not work on blonde hair. the only machine for blonde hair is the tanda me machine (also mentioned in the list above). also worth a check is the latest tanda machine released which you will need if your hair is coarse and have alot of it! (not inc above as so new so here it is – new tanda).

  21. I was wondering what advice I can get here. I am a partial quad. And have a couple of places on my body that require shaving exc. And wonder if it wouldn’t be much easier to remove the hair permanently. And what unit should I buy I must dress these areas and that’s fine till I pull the tape off and then its like being waved no end in sight. It constantly grows back time and time again and I’m tired of being waxed in these areas please advise if you can help. Thank you

    • Hi lance. thanks for leaving a comment, so i can help you better, can you tell me your skin color, hair color and areas you wish to use. generally if your budget allows, the tria 4x as above is the best machine for all areas of the body, latest permanent hair removal technology and best results can be had.

  22. Really helpful information. I have fairly white skin and dark hair. What Machine do u think I should buy? how is the home treatment similar to the one we can get on clinics. Is it any thing to do with the “power” of the equipments? Thanks!!!

    • hi dea. since you have white skin and dark hair, you can pretty much choose any machine you wish. if your budget allows, the tria 4x is by far the best laser hair removal machine to use at home (see above). yes you get the same results as in the clinics. the tria 4x laser uses diode laser which is the same technology as the clinic machines. you will just need to do a few more treatments at home than the clinics (which is ok because it doesn’t cost any more and you can do them whenever you want), obviously the hair removal machines at home are not the same power to ensure people do not sustain any injuries.

  23. Hi my name is Melissa I have hirutism. Possibly pcos but no signs of pcos. I’m 22 years old and it’s been 2 to 3 years I have had facial hair and unwanted body hair and my face hair is courses than every where else and then some places course hairs as well . I’m going to ideal image for 9 sessions of my treatment but I would like to purchase a at home laser for my body . I’m getting married in the summer and I don’t want to be hairy around my husband . Please help . Thanks

    • hi mel. sure, yes I understand hirutism is excessive hair growth….you can definitely tackle this hair growth with a laser hair removal machine to use at home. You haven’t told me your hair color and skin color so I can give you a basic overview; because you want to use the machine on your face, if you have skin color that is lighter than your hair color (so black or brown hair with a skin tone that is lighter than that, so brown to fair) go for the Tria 4x laser. That way you are safe to use it on your face and body. The Tria 4x will be the most effective and since you have excessive and coarse hair, I would go with this machine, it will give you the best and fastest hair free results out of all machines and considering you want results by summer, this is your best chance. If you have dark skin, the Tanda machine is for you as no other machines can do permanent hair removal for dark skin colors. also congratulations on getting married!

  24. I am a black American woman with semi course hair not as course as the typical black woman. My color would be coffee with cream. I have noticed that these machines do not seem to work with people of color like me. I am interested in getting rid of underarm hair an and bikini area hair. Is there anything out there for a black woman? Also, nothing was addressed about pain. I shave now with a 5 blade razor and it is quite painful sometimes. I tweet a lot too and have gotten used to the pinch but I still don’t like it. Is laser painful?

    • hi angelica
      there is only one machine available for darker skin colors such as yourself (this machine works on all skin colors and hair colors). that is the tanda machine me my elos. you’ll find that you will get better results in the underarms as the skin color has a tendency to be lighter there. pain – no not really. you will feel a little burning sensation but it only lasts a quick second and goes straight away so no lasting pain afterwards. its just the hair follicle warming up from the light which this process allows the hair follicle to be destroyed. the pain doesn’t last like waxing does…you can also use a numbing cream and calming cream too if you are worried > i’ve suggested the best pre and post laser care products here >

  25. Hello – great information…thanks for posting. I have fair skin, and I freckle, burn, and tan. I have to be careful in the sun due to possible burning, but I also do tan/get freckles. I had blond hair growing up, but do have darker body hair. I have blond hair on my legs and arms, but am concerned with removal of the darker hair. Which do you think would be best for me? $ is not an issue. Thanks!

    • hi k. ok seems you have a mix of hair color from blonde to darker brown which can make things a little difficult for you but is very common so don’t worry, many people like you that have blonde and dark hair tend to buy two machines, however this is not necessary either. In terms of effectiveness, you can’t get any better than the Tria 4x for the darker brown hair. However, in saying this, the Tria 4x will not be effective at all on the blonde hair that you mentioned. For blonde hair, you will need the Tanda (also above – but also the newest tanda machine, its the only machine that works on blonde, red and grey hair color). Both are incredibly safe for your skin (even if it is sensitive to tanning/burning). ensure you start of by doing a test patch to determine the level you should begin with.

  26. Hello, I really enjoy this website. I am a male with a bit of a strange problem. I had a hair transplant at the frontal area of my hair a few years ago and now that i’m going more bald, I really want to remove this strip of hair! I’m looking for advice, and recommendations. I am of light to medium brown skin (i’m half hispanic half german) and have dark black hair. Thank you again in advance!

    • hi marco i am not quite sure if it is safe to use any of the machines on the front of your forehead, I would be careful as it would be very sensitive area.

  27. I have a thick facial hair (beard) and need to remove it and was wondering what the best one should be for me. I’m light skin with dark hair…

    • hi robert. most of the manufacturers of the machines advise against using the machine on men’s facial region including men’s beard. i do however have many guy friends and relatives that use it on their beard on a low setting and they have been happy with the results (personally, i like how the beard has reduced in hair growth but a man without a beard feels a little weird). i can’t say whether you should do it or not or whether it is safe as the manufacturers say that men’s facial hair is too thick on the beard and the skin is sensitive so you decide….

  28. Hi there, I am ready to make a purchase. I am torn between the Tria 4x & the newest Me model. I have some blonde hairs on upper lip, from what I have read the Me will work for this & the Tria will not, is this correct? I am mostly wanting leg, bikini & underarm area. I would love to do a “brazilian” as well. From what I have read, the Tria is painful & the Me is not. Is this correct? I have read reviews that the Tria will not work if I am tan in the summer, wondering if this is accurate…. I like that the Me covers a larger area than the Tria. But I want the most effective in the long run. Your advice is greatly appreciated!!!

    • hi michelle, one machine is not more painful than the other, they are the same in pain however saying that it’s painful, it’s not, you get used to it and the ‘pain’ only lasts for a second when u zap, that’s it. it’s not painful like after waxing can be. u can use numbing creams and also calming creams if you are worried, i’ve suggested some here which people frequently use especially on the more sensitive areas such as Brazilian/bikini (creams). that’s correct, the tria 4x wont work on blonde hairs at all, the only machine that will work on blonde (and red, grey and white hairs) like you said is the Me machine. Basically, it’s not like the Tria 4x shuts off when you have a tan, but the darker your skin gets, the ineffective it becomes. basically, with the tria, you want the hair color to be darker than your skin color for it to work effectively. Tria doesn’t work on dark skin colors like the me machine does. That is correct, the Me covers larger areas quicker but it generally isn’t as effective as the tria is. i hope that helps in making a decision, contact me if you want to know more..

      • Pls let me know which on is the best for me with dark hair medium white skin with extra hair on my effective not expensive and many shots for whole body.

        • hi elham. since you want an affordable machine, looking at both face and body and for dark hair/medium white skin, this is what i recommend for you (available here) 🙂 Let me know if you have any other questions. Not all remington machines can be used on your face, this is the only one.

  29. I have a lot of freckles. How would this affect the effectiveness of any of the models you reviewed. I mainly need one for facial hair first (upper lip, chin, cheeks) before I even consider the rest of the body.
    Thank You!

    • hi ro, freckles are fine, just not on big dark moles should not be used on. the normal small freckles are fine to use any of the machines.if you just want one for facial hair and more affordable – use the tria precision. if you want one for both face & body more expensive but can use it on body also – go the tria 4x.

  30. Hello,
    I was wondering if you have tried the Lumea Comfort IPL hair removal system from Philips but I was also looking into the tria. I am asian with fair skin but dark thick hair because i shave so much. I’ve also went to salons to do the laser hair removals but they get so pricey. Please help!

    • hi michelle. one of my friends has the philips lumea comfort, its a good, handy little machine (very affordable) but in terms of effectiveness in seeing long lasting results, nothing is better than the tria. they are two very different machines, the philips lumea is based on ipl technology and the tria is diode laser. if you want the best results, the tria will work better for you especially as you have light skin and dark hair.

  31. Hi, I have light skin and dark hair, I would like to ask some questions. I really have some dark hair on my chin, very bad looking, I use to wax before. I just got Silk’n Flash & Go 120,000 pulse machine, but I shave my chin, so I can use it right. Now I can see some more hair coming. I only used it twice between 2 weeks, but I still shave my chin daily,If don’t want to see my dark hair there.Do you think I need other machine,or just more time? Please help?

    • hi diana. sorry for not replying earlier, i saw you have left a few messages. with your qs – this is normal as what happens with laser or ipl hair removal is because you have previously waxed this area, what you are doing is re-starting the hair growth cycle and this is important for laser/ipl, its actually a good thing. it’s nothing to be worried about. the silkn should work fine. you need to keep shaving, please do not wax or pluck whilst doing these treatments.

  32. hi,
    I would like to ask about the best laser for facial hair removal, I have a dark hair and light brown skin color.
    does it cause any pigmentation or discoloration to the skin including redness or darkness?

    Thank you

  33. Sorry I forgot to ask, how many sessions needed to completely remove the hair and usually how many session is needed to see the results?

    Thank you

    • hi rowai. if you just want a device for your face, the tria precision is the best. you can also use it on your body aswell but as it has a short battery life, its excellent for the face. otherwise if you want one for face&body with a longer battery life, go the tria 4x.
      the # of sessions will depend mostly on your type of hair & hair follicles but generally, you will see a great difference within 6 sessions on average, you will need more sessions of course to see the hair be gone for good. you will notice a difference in the first couple of treatments though.

      • Hi

        does tria precision cause any skin pigmentation (redness,darkness, others) to the treated area?

  34. I have indian skin and fine but black hair will tria work for me. Will the hair stop growing after repeated treatment

    • hi gurpreet. the tria will not work on indian skin if you have dark skin color. you will need to use the tanda machine (here) as it’s the only machine people that have dark skin can use.

  35. Hi. Thanks for all this good info. I’m still not sure which device is best — I have fair/medium skin and dark hair on my arms, which I would really like to do…but I would also like to eliminate the “peach fuzz” on my face. Which device would be best for both areas?

    • hi anita. thanks and your welcome. with peach fuzz, do u mean blonde facial hair? if this is the case, the tria 4x is the best machine if you want to buy one for home use for both the face and body for your fair/medium skin color and dark hair (it will work great!), however it will not work on blonde hair (only 1 machine will work on blonde hair and that is the Tanda which is listed above). hope that helps you out a little….

  36. Thanks for all your information. I am from Pakistan, I have fair/yellow skin color/almost gold tone but not brown or tan or black. My hair is REALLY dark and REALLY coarse and it is everywhere on my body including my face. Which machine do you recommend for me?

    • hi aisha. since your skin color is not dark, the tria 4x (see above) will work the best on you 🙂 it is safe to use on the entire body including face! it is excellent when your hair is dark and coarse also 🙂

    • hi mohan. if you have dark Indian skin color, the tanda machine is better than the tria. to answer your q’s – both machines work on all body parts so both face and body including arms. if your skin is dark, you will have better results with the tanda.

  37. hi,

    i have been seraching for a very very long time in a machine to invest. i really want the tria, but i do not know if i am too dark for it. I am Pakistani/indian origion and have medium skin tone (haley berry)or slightly darker with black but fine hair. what machine would be best for me.


    • hi confussed 🙂 your skin seems to dark to use with the tria. i would use the tanda me smooth machine (featured above + also newest version out now) if i were you. good luck with it, this will be the only one for you if your skin is as dark as you described 🙂

    • hi kim. no not at all. you will feel a slight zap that doesn’t even last long, then that’s it so no long lasting pain either.

  38. Hi, I have my Silk Flash Luxx machine, I start using it in the middle of February. Ones every two weeks and know ones a week! I can see difference in some parts on my body, but not at all on my face?? And that was why I wanted, especially for my chin! I think I have same hair, even more! Please give me advice which one Tria or Remington is better for face?? Thank you very much!

    • hi tahmina, yes you should be able to buy online and get it shipped to you.

  39. Hi, and thanks for answering all our q’s!
    I was wondering about the ease and method of using the tria on large surfaces, such as thighs. The actual part of the device that’ll sit on the skin seems so small! Can you explain how to efficiently do large areas?

    • hi there, my pleasure. the only area of concern is like you said, the legs. however, be mindful that each treatment gets quicker as you will have less hair. this is important not to forget this as maybe only the first few (1-2) treatments may take some time. i don’t think it’s not a reason to buy the tria 4x personally as there is no other machine that beats it in terms of effectiveness if you are wanting to buy it.

  40. Hello
    I have a 12 year old daughter and she has a white skin with dark hair .
    Is it good to use the tria device for herhair removal ?
    thank you

    • hi rania. the manufacturer, Tria, do not recommend using the device on children under the age of 18. I do know a few people the use the machine on their teenage daughters under supervision (and the parents use the machine and hide it away) but they are about 16 years old. I would be extremely careful…

  41. Hi,
    I am a fair South Asian guy having thick hair on my body. I am looking for best machine which is convenient to use for whole body specially legs and hands. I also have facial hairs on my cheeks, hairs on my ear lobes which are growing at high pace. I really need some good device to get rid of these hairs asap.
    Your valuable opinion will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

    • hi confused. because you said that you have fair skin and I am assuming you would also have black hair, the Tria 4x would be best for you (you can also buy in the graphite color instead of the more feminine colors of pink/purple LOL). It will be the most effective for you also because your hair would be thicker and this machine works great on thick male hair and especially it’s the safest hair removal machine to use on facial hair also; although please be careful as although a lot of men that purchase the tria use it on their face, you need to use on low setting as it’s not ‘recommended to use’ on the face for males by the company. (BTW – For any females reading this – it’s OK and safe for females to use on facial hair as we don’t have thicker and dense facial hair like men do!). hope you are no longer confused 🙂

    • hi sara, which one do you want to buy, the machine I am using, the Tria 4X? i am not sure where you live but if you buy online you can normally get any machine shipped to you and normally free or reduced shipping too. give that a try.

  42. I’d really want to know which is better for facial hair like fine forehead hair & ears .. I’m looking for permanent results while i have light skin with fine grey to dark hair

    • hi sam. just thought i would let you know that it’s not recommended to use any machines on above the cheeks, so the forehand is not ‘safe’ or approved by the manufacturers to be used there. to answer your question, only one machine can work on grey hair, that is the tanda machine (last machine) and you can get the new one. if you have light skin and dark hair, the tria 4x is the safest to use on your face.

  43. Thanks for sharing the discount codes on these machines, I just purchased mine at a nice discount and kitted myself out with everything so I am all ready

  44. Hye, i jst wnt to cnfirm dat i m having hairs on my face as well as on my body ….i m hvg fair complexion so tria 4x vll b fit for me? Will Tria 4x vll remove the here permanently? N approx hw many days or mths vll it take for full procedure… plzzz do tell me the price of dat n gv me any contact nmbr so dat i cn talk to u .plzzz reply

    • hi juveria. yes you can use the tria 4x on your face and body. it will work for you and it will remove hair permanently. how long it takes depends on person to person. it may take 3 months, 6 months or 9 months depending on whether you have shaved in the past and if you shave in between and how often u do the treatments.the cheapest place and they ship pretty much everywhere is here. im sorry, i don’t give out my personal telephone no. but if you have any questions, i check these comments regularly anyway 🙂

  45. I agree with you that changing the Remington cartridges is a nuisance! I see Remington also makes the iLIGHT® Pro PLUS Quartz Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System which has 30,000 flashes. Any comment/info on that model? Thanks!!

    • hi susan. yes, if you want to still buy a machine from the Remington brand, i suggest you get the Quartz machine as you mentioned. it’s the newest machine from Remington which means it’s the latest, most effective technology, apart from also being less of a hassle with each cartridge lasting 30,000 flashes, like you said. yYs i have written about it, you can read my thoughts on it here. you can of course, also look at the tria 4x where you don’t need to buy or replace cartridges at all!

  46. Hi, I’m a white male with a beard line (check and neck) and eyebrow area (middle and above) I would like to shape. I’m looking for a machine which isn’t very expensive because they are only small areas. Would you be able to recommend a suitable machine and how long does the hair stay away with the best results possible?

    • hi brian. if you are looking for a machine for the FACE ONLY, then you should get the Precision (its included in the above list also). It’s inexpensive and was actually manufactured purely to remove hair on the face and smaller areas of the body. one word of advise, they do not recommend using the machine on the eyebrows so please be careful there! with proper treatment, the hair stays away forever. you may only need to do 1-2 treatments per year for some very sporadic hairs but you will never need to treat the entire area again once you get to that point.

  47. Hi, i want to learn tria 4x’s effect, has it a lifetime effect? After the firt use, for example, after 3 years, will the hair appear again or not?

    • hi gamze. yes if you do treatments regularly and follow pre-treatment advice ie. only shaving no waxing, the hair will not grow in the hair follicle anymore. on average, you will need to do more than 5 treatments for this to happen, you cant expect 1 treatment to be hair free. you may only need to do treatments in a few spots here and there after 3 years but the hair will not grow in the body area again.

  48. Hi, Thanks for above information. I have a dark hormonal hair on my face & thigh, i go to the dermotologist & use Alexander device 2014. would you please kindly recommend your best device to me for using at home?
    Thanks in advanced.

    • hi negar. i would suggest using the tria 4x as it uses diode laser technology and only if you don’t have dark skin. the tria is safe to use on both face and body.

  49. Dear manager l read your storys about hair removal l got white hair on the face is there any thing that will really permenent removal my white hair on my face as l am feb up as l have the wax the white hairs on my face every day l am really feb up now please help me thankyou .

  50. Which machine would be best for both upper lip hair and back hair? Light skin, dark hair. I sense the Tria is the best technology, but I was wondering about the head size as it looks small. Would this take way more passes to cover the area. Would the Remington Quartz or 6000 be a better choice? Can they be used on upper lip? The goal is permanent longest term re growth or permanent removal.

    • hi elaine. yes i would suggest getting the tria 4x despite the concerns you have with the treatment window. As you mentioned, the treatment window is smaller than the remington, however the tria has the most effective technology so you will see better results with less treatments. the remington is not as effective on the face as the tria either and that is where the tria is more handy as it can be used on the upper lip better as its smaller and more precise.

  51. hi I made o
    Hi I made laser hair removal over 20 session for my face but the hair still growing and feel disappointed , I have white skin with grey long hair ( it became grey after laser) ,which machine would work for my face?and I have black hair in my body?

    • hi nadeen. are you talking about professionally at a laser clinic? it’s important you use the right machine for your hair color and skin color and also do the sessions properly and also shave before hand. did you do this? how often were each session? if you are looking at home hair removal machine, since you have grey hair – the only machine will be the tanda machine here. it will work on both grey hair and black hair.

  52. Hi im interested in the elos touch illuminage im asian and have fair skin and dark hair. Do u have any details regarding this particular machine and ots pros and cons. Thank you

    • hi sam. the elos touch illuminage is manufactured by the same company as the tanda me that is above, it is just marketed as a different name in different countries. it will work fine on you as you have fair skin and dark hair, any machine will work great on you though! yes, the difference between this machine and others is that it uses different technology compared to others, a combination of IPL and RF technology. I believe it’s not as effective as the Tria 4x considering they are both the same price but that is my opinion. It is safe to use on face and body

  53. hi judy. dark coarse hair is not uncommon so don’t worry at all and often having dark coarse hair is better with these hair removal machines because the machines have a large hair follicle to penetrate. because you have dark hair and a light complexion and you want to use it on your face, the best hair removal machine for you is the tria 4x or the tria precision, i would suggest the tria 4x because you can use on the rest of your body if you want also. just a word of caution – do not use on your eyebrows or forehead, anywhere else is fine.

  54. Being a dark skinned indian woman, is it safe to use the tanda machine on my face (chin/mustache area) as it says that the machine can only be used on skin tones 1-3 of the fitzpatrick scale?

    • ash if you have dark skin, this tanda is perfect for you. no, the machine covers any skin color and any hair color, it’s the only machine that does so.

  55. I can’t order this from Canada, so is there somewhere here where I can get it?

  56. hello
    I’m in doubt between the (I light pro plus quartz) that I had researched almost everything about the product and I had already decided to buy it,
    but I came to your site and I met other product and what caught my attention was the (hair removal tria laser 4- fuchsia), since it does not need refill exchange or anything, but I don’t know if he has the same power the first.
    I have a white skin and so much black hair and always felt bothered by having too many hairs then I would buy a product that really was quality and I will get the result I desire remove hair permanently.
    Another detail is that I am from another country and I want to buy one of these two online, but there are so many difficulties when it comes to shopping for other countries that I don’t know any reliable site, so if you could point me both what the best product and where I buy it I would be immensely grateful.
    Thank you !!!

    • hi tarsila. well both machines are fine to use on your skin color and hair color that you have told me.the tria 4x has more power and you get quicker result than the remington, that is why it’s more expensive. that’s correct, once you buy the tria 4x, you don’t need to refill cartridges or anything. you can both machines online from here at they usually ship worldwide just fine. your very welcome!!!

  57. Hi I’m wondering how long ago this survey was taken and if there is anything better on the market now that you would recommend? I am willing to pay more for the best machine out there but I don’t know which one that is. Please let me know! Thanks!

    • hi kathy. i have included the most up to date machines up until now. if you don’t mind the higher price, the tria 4x is really the best machine if you want the best results.

  58. My daughter has already undergone IPL facial hair removal treatment. She has to take maintenance sittings once a month. She is indian with wheatish complexion and fine hair of black colour. What machine best for her for doing maintenance as she is moving to US.

    • hi renu. if your daughter has dark wheatish complexion, she will need to use the tanda machine as no other machine works effectively on darker skinned people, if she is only slightly dark skin, so towards olive and not dark, the tria 4x can still work well.

  59. Hi there.
    I am olive skinned with thick dark hair. I have had 6 sessions anof soprano xl on my legs, underarms and bikini. I saw good results but ran out of money. I also bought 5 sessions of ipl and saw it stunted the growth made it slower and now is patchy but still… not hair free. I’m tired of having hair and hear only electrolysis works. I don’t want to keep buying cartiges. I want something an thing that really is permanent hair removal and can be used all over body, strong and and face. However worried only electrolysis is the best I hear? 2 hat do you advise?

    • hi ofri. ok. no problem. you have two choices of home hair removal machines that will work great on you and for much less of the price of professional hair clinics. depending on how dark your skin really is, the tanda machine works on dark skinned people. the tria is the best machine but the darker your skin color, the less effective the machine works. both machines, however, are 100% safe to use on your face and body and are the strongest and very effective machines.

  60. Hello
    Which machine would be right for me? I am male white (light skin) with dark hair all over. how many treatments, and how fast will I see results?
    Thank you

    • hi chris. you can pretty much use any of the machines above because you have light skin and dark colored body hair so you can use according to your budget and preference, the remington and tria are the top 2 best. # of treatments ranges from person to person, but you will see results after the first couple of treatments and gets vastly better each time.

  61. hi dear…… these products on men skin as well for hair removal……?

  62. For the Tria 4x, does it require any product/cream before and after using it?

  63. i went to clinic and had ten times of hair removal treatment but after 1 month the hair still regrow as it did before. They are still dark n thick as they were. I am asian my skin is fair. Can you please advise me of which laser machine is suitable to me. Thanks

  64. Sorry I forgot to tell you. Hair on my upper lip, cheeks and on the chin.

    • hi jayden. your skin is fair with dark hair so you can use pretty much any machine above. obviously, the tria is the best technology followed by the remington. generally, most machines don’t recommend men use it on their face because the hair is thicker. i know many men that use it on their face just face, just a rather low setting to be extra careful.

  65. Thanks so much for this article it is very helpful.
    I am an Indian female in early 40’s and extremely frustrated with other hair removing techniques.
    I am looking for hair treatment on chin and legs. Which one of the above would you recommend. I have black hair and brown skin tone (not very dark, slightly lighter than almond)
    The salon treatments are recommended to be spaced out by 4-6 weeks, what is the duration for home treatment, sorry was not able to understand that.


    • hi chaya. since you have dark indian skin (darker than light skin) i would probably opt for the tanda machine (last one above) solely because of your skin color. if you believe your skin is not that dark, you can also use the tria. salon treatments are different to the home machines, home machines you space out every 2 weeks.

  66. Hi I was really interested in tria before but had read comments saying they run out of flashes after so many then they had to buy a whole new tria. So that’s what’s keeping me from one. Is this true?

    • hi christy. yes that is correct, it’s a positive thing and can also put people off – however, bare in mind that you probably wont even get to 90000 flashes because you can do your whole body many many many times over and you wont run out. they didn’t design it for people to need to buy 2 machines. the technology is top at the moment, its the most efficient so you will be hair less by the time you will need another one. it’s not an issue at all.

  67. Hi dear adim ,
    I have a dark hair in my whole body and light tone skin so which laser is best for me and is this remove hair permanently ?

    • hi paykan. since you have light skin tone and dark hair, i would recommend using the tria 4x since you want to use on your whole body, so to remove hair on your face and body. the remington is only good if you don’t want to use on your face. yes it removes hair permanently.

  68. Hi☺.my name is aubree. I am super confused on which to buy. Im not rich and cant afford to buy something and have it not work. Im actually using student loans to buy it lol. Heres my problem, I am a natural red head but years of shaving my legs has turned the hair black and course. But, I still have light blonde and reddish hair everywhere else. A couple of years ago I started having thyroid problems and it caused me to grow hair all over my entire body. This hair is about a half inch long soft fluffy ish and some a blonde some red some brown…. I know right! Lol. I eventually got fed up and started shaving from my lower back down and now that hair is beginning to become more corse, its not the peach fuzz that it was before I started shaving it and like I still have on the rest of my body. I saw that you said that the tanda? is best for light colored hair but what makes it different from the others, and whg wouldnt the bigger brands incorporate whatever they are doing in order to make theirs work on light hair? Will it work as wellon my dark hair as the otner brands would? Ughhh ….lol ok I think that is all my questions so I will go now ( im supposed to be doing algebra right now) thanx……. konfused in kansas

    • hi audbree. no problem, don’t worry at all. ok, you are on the right track for sure. i would recommend only the tanda like you said. it’s the only machine that will treat the various colors of body hair that you have. the tanda, yes it is weaker than the other machines for sure, but just the fact that it works on all body hair colors is an absolute dream for many women and men just like you. keep in mind that this never used to exist a few years back so the fact that you can buy a machine at home nowadays is pretty amazing. at the end of the day, you will need to be patient to see results, they wont be overnight and for sure, the tanda takes more time to see results than the other machines but the other machines like the remington and tria won’t work on blonde, red, grey or white hair so there is no other choice really – and they won’t because they are designed to target dark pigments only (which blonde hair doesn’t have). the bigger brands are concentrating on their own technology, each has developed different technology, the tria has diode laser that is used for dark pigments only, the remington works based on ipl, the same but not as effective, so they all have their own. i hope i’ve assisted you the best i can and i wish you the best of luck!

  69. Hi. How are you. I’m actually thinking of buying a good laser hair removal machine & came across yor article. I’ve got a pale skin with dark coarse hair. To be honest I’m actually fed up trying different things & keeps on growing back. I’ve never tried laser hair removal. Please help me which one would be the best to buy…thank. Takecare

    • hi ana. im fine thanks 🙂 hope you are well also. i totally agree! you gotta try laser hair removal, it’s a lifesaver that’s for sure! considering you are considered as one of the ‘lucky ones’ with pale skin and dark coarse hair, you have the freedom to choose any machine that your heart (and budget desires). of course, you get what you pay for with the machines, so the more expensive ones are newer, have the latest technology, are stronger and you get more permanent results. i would be looking at either the tria (as above) or remington quartz if i was you. the remington quartz is not above as it’s the latest machine (you can see it here). are you in australia? if so, if you want the tria, i’ve read that you need to get it shipped a special way to australia. let me know if so as i can try and help you out based on what i’ve read.

      • I was diagnosed with PCOS and you battle hair in unwanted places…mine especially the Chinese and upper lip. I went to laser hair removal but I wasn’t impressed besides being expensive. $150.00 a visit. I didn’t notice less hair. I was also told that white hair the laser wouldn’t work on. I have light skin with dark hair. I have dark hair that comes in on the chin plus white hairs. Does this laser work. I am not expecting miracles but I want to see a difference. Which one would work. I was told that having PCOS I will always fight this problem…please help thank you…Christine

        • Hi Christine. Yes unfortunately PCOS makes it difficult with hair growth, depending on how you suffer with PCOS symptoms, some women are unchanged with hair growth whilst others are greatly affected. To be completely honest, if you suffer from PCOS hormonal hair growth, you can see results with these machines, but they will take longer than the average person that doesn’t have PCOS, but still you can get some nice results. You need to try and get your PCOS under control which helps in hair growth, they both work hand in hand. Yes some laser clinics don’t have the machines that target any other hair color than brown as there isn’t a huge market like there is for brown hair growth. So you just want to target white hair only? Or do you have other hair that annoys you?

  70. Have you tried the nono? I am curious why it is getting so much attention on shows like Dr. Oz. Also, is the tria 4x safe for face and body?

    • hi debra. yes tried the no no, it just removes the hair from the follicle, not a long term solution such as laser or ipl. i don’t like it, it didn’t do anything for me. It appears on shows for advertising/marketing. Yes the Tria 4X is safe for face and body.

  71. hello, I’ve been trying to research what machine would be best for me. I’m located in Australia. I have dark brown hair and olive skin. I have PSOS which causes me to get facial hair I’m getting pretty depressed over having to remove it all the time. Can you recommend a machine for me please? I’d be so grateful.

    • hi kelly. sure, i can try and help you out. facial hair for women is a common thing, especially due to hormones so i hope you don’t feel too depressed about it. the good thing is that there is something you can do about it now in your own home (which is super nice :)) I recently replied to another lady on here a few months back that was from Australia also and had the same question as you. I referred her to this remington machine (Ipl6000f) mainly because it is approved to be used for facial hair. The only concern I would have with the Remington where I would prefer you to use the Tanda machine as above (or the newest model here) is if your skin is quite dark. For darker skin, you’ll need to use the Tanda (it’s safe to use on face & body).

  72. Hi i have really black thick course hair and im really hairy everywhere with light to fair skin and have sentive skin pkease tell me wgar us the best removal for me

    • hi sara. Since you have light to fair skin, you will get good results with any of the machines. if you want to use on your face & body for sensitive skin, I recommend using the Tria 4x. It will give you the best results for what you are after.

  73. Hello. suppose that we buy a tria laser hair removal. as I know and read a lots of articles about it , this set has 90000 lasers . Now I have a question after 90000
    laser what should I do with this set ? It is unusable ? am I right ? If not , Where and how do I buy a new lamp for this set ? I visit amazon ans , in these site I couldn’t find this kind of lamp . please help me out and send your answer on my gmail . Thank a lot

    • hi mohammad. yes that is correct. you don’t need any replacement cartridge for the tria and 90000 pulses is fine to complete the whole body! you will be hairfree before you finish 90000 pulses.

  74. Hey thank you for review. I am Indian male and have brown skin. I am worried about fine hairs growing on my earlobe. What would be best option for me. I have dark hair and brown skin.

    • hi aspaq. since you are indian male with dark skin and dark hair, the only machine is the tanda machine (here) as your skin is too dark for any other machine. the only concern is regarding the earlobes and if ok to use on their. if you do go ahead using it, i recommend to do a test patch and use on low setting.

  75. Hi there, thank you for sharing your knowledge. I would like to know which machine would provide a better result on a medium brown-skin, yellow under tone, think black hair person, but for the chin area? Thank you in advance! Ash

  76. Sorry, i forgot to mention that now I have some light brown and dark spots under my chin.

    • hi ash. thats ok! depending on how brown your skin is, if its quite brown (like there isn’t much different between the hair color & skin color), you should use the tanda machine (shown above) & the lastest/newest version (here). if you feel your skin is only light brown, you can use the tria. both are 100% safe to use on the chin as they are good to use on face and body.

  77. Thanx a lot for the info , I just wanted to know between the tria x4 and the tria precision which is better to use on facial areas ? ,and is the precision as effective as the tria x4 ? …and is there any guarantee on these machines ?

    • hi eb. your welcome. both are exactely the same for facial areas. the 4x is better as it allows you to your body aswell, whereas you are more limited with the precision, but yes, the precision has the same effectiveness as the 4x. both machines come with a 1 year warranty which you can view under ‘product warranty’ here.

  78. I have olive skin and I made about 8 laser sessions on my legs, hands and underarm areas but, unfortunately had skin burns due to laser
    So, could you please tell me which machine from the above is suitable for me and can I complete with this machine after the laser sessions
    Moreover, is there any creams for the burn marks
    Your reply is highly appreciated
    Thank you

    • hi lily. yes, ive heard this happens when the technicians in laser clinics arent very careful – that is not very good at all. since you have olive skin and you have burn marks, i would go for the tanda machine (above) or new version (here). the newest version best as its the latest technology. for burn marks, you need some scar cream, here is the best selling scar cream which would be good for you (

  79. Hello, I am a transgender woman in early 50’s. Hormones have reduced and soften hair growth in arms and legs but facial hair is an issue. Electrolysis is generally the common procedure among MTF transition, but it can be very expensive. Which machine do you recommend for facial (some grey) hair in my case? Thank you!

    • hi sandra. since you want to treat grey hair aswell as any other color hair, your only option is the tanda machine. it’s listed above & also the new machine is avail here.

  80. mam I confused which one to buy from these because my skin hair is black and my skin color is light brown color and I’m from India and my skin is dry which would b good for me and I want to that machine which should b suitable for all type of skin color.
    Hope u will give me reply.

    • hi raheem. the machine which is safe to use on all skin colors is this machine (here), you will need to use it if your skin is dark in color as you said you are from india. if you feel it isn’t that dark, you will be ok using the tria also. to be on the safe side, i would probably recommend the machine safe to use on all skin colors.

  81. thank you for all your helpful information. I am a girl with medium skin and black hair. from what you said, I know all these devices would be effective for my skin, but I want your opinion about my situation. I plan to use hair removal device for my entire body, especially my “genital area”. would you recommend tria 4x?

    • hi bahar. yes i still recommend the tria 4x for ALL areas of the body. just be extremely careful what level setting you use and do a test patch the day prior as the ‘private areas’ of the body are more sensitive and require you to be careful.i don’t believe any other machine is quite as safe to use on those areas (especially the face, there isn’t many machines so effective and safe to use on the facial region)

  82. Hi,

    I am 27 female from India background with wheatish complexion. I have hormonal issues and have dark coarse hair on my face and body. Which machine do you think would suit my needs. I want to get rid of hair permanently. Which machine do you think is best for me and its price.
    Do you ship in Australia?

    Thanks in advance.

    • hi shubhi. with wheatish skin i think you may be too dark? its something you need to consider as the effectiveness with the tria will decrease if your skin is too dark, the best way to determine this is if there is a big difference in your skin color and hair color, if so, the laser will still be able to penetrate the hair pigment. if you think so, then yes, the tria is absolutely safe for face & body. i don’t sell these machines, you buy them online from here. as you are in australia, shipping of the tria may come up as not deliverable but you can still get it delivered as there is a new way through australia post (your local mail delivery service) that a lot of people from australia are using to get it delivered. i can help you out more with this if you want.
      if your skin is too dark, the only other safe option for both face & body is the tanda machine.

  83. hi Admn
    I thought of laser hair removal a lot but I have goose skin, dark hair and light skin
    what do you recommend?

    • hi mona. because you have dark hair and light skin, you will get great results with any of the machines above. the remington and tria are the top 2 machines in terms of effectiveness and how quick you will see results. its up to your budget and getting it shipped to you. just remember, the remington above cannot be used on face, if you want to use on face, get the tria (or alternatively the new tria as above also)

  84. I have tanned skin and dark coloured hair. Which machine would be best for me?


    • hi jessica. depending on how tanned your skin is. if just light brown to medium brown you can still use tria and remington. if not, you’ll need to use tanda (shown above) as it’s the only machine for darker skin colors.

  85. How does the Remington PRO PLUS have more power? it is the same device, except $50 more. Are you for certain that the PRO PLUS is an upgraded, better version of the PRO? it says the results last longer than the PRO PLUS, however when you compare the two details, they are the same device.. different color lol that’s about it.

    • hi vicky. no they are different machines, they don’t have the same details… the pro is the older machine, the pro plus the newer machine, hence with older machine, the technology is not as efficient or effective. The newer machine, the ‘pro plus’ you are getting longer lasting results and less time to achieve it. the older machine, results only last 6 months, the pro plus you get permanent results. the pro plus you will also see hair reduction in only 3 treatments. there is quite a big difference, even for the $50 but up to you.

  86. Have you heard of the Iluminage Beauty Mē Chic Professional At-Home Face and Body Permanent Hair-Reduction System? Any thoughts on it?

    • hi christine. i recently responded to the same comment about this 🙂 i know, it’s completely confusing! for your information, the iluminage and tanda / me my elos are the same companies and all machines are the same, based on the same technology but just branded differently in different countries. in light of this, my thoughts are as discussed above based on the tanda. exactly the same but the iluminage (here) is just the newest version which is actually quite a good machine.

  87. Thank you for sharing all of your experiences! I enjoyed reading about your research. I am wondering if the tanda me smooth the same as iluminage beauty me chic? (elos professional at home hair removal) or if they are different versions? I am looking at purchasing my first laser hair removal device but I am on a budget. I have pretty light skin and black coarse hair. You mentioned that the tanda me smooth is ideal for lighter hair colors, will it also work on black hair? Thanks again for sharing!

    • hi danielle. yes that is correct, i’ve already responded to a comment about this above. the iluminage and tanda / me my elos are the same companies and all machines are the same, based on the same technology but just branded differently in different countries. confusing i know! this machine will work for you based on you as you said you have light skin and black coarse hair. it is ideal for lighter colors because its the only machine that works on lighter hair colors and dark skin. again because you have the light skin and dark hair, you can choose any of the machines above according to your budget, they will all work well as you have the best skin color and hair color combination.

  88. Thank you so much for your research and taking the time to help everyone. I’m trying to decide which product would be best for me. At this time, I’m deciding between the two Tria lasers. I had professional laser treatment every 6 weeks for about a year and while my hair is thinner, it’s definitely not gone. I still have to shave. I had a “full Brazilian” and my underarms were treated. I’m have fair skin and dark, coarse hair. Also, I have poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, which the aesthetician who did my treatment said may cause me to not have permanent results. At this point, even if the results aren’t permanent, I’d settle for only having to treat every other month. Any thoughts?

    • hi christina. aww thanks! yes with poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, your hair growth will persist. these machines will certainly help with removing the hair permanently with time, but it will take time and patience, a while longer than someone that doesn’t have poly-cystic ovarian syndrome that is for sure. i am assuming that you would be having good results anyway if you hair was coarse, it would make it thinner and more manageable i suppose. i would suggest the tria 4x over the tria precision anyday. the tria precision is only good for small areas of the body (i understand you only are doing the brazilian and underarms but still, wouldn’t you rather a machine that you can do other areas of the body if you wanted to?). remember, the tria precision has a smaller battery life than the tria 4x but they are both based on the same technology and work the same. of course, if you are worried about price tag, the precision is of course gentle on the wallet 🙂

  89. Amazing how you are so efficient in replying to everyone, congratulations! How do I go about ordering ‘Tria 4 x Laser’ in Australia? as you have stated it comes up as ‘not deliverable’ on Amazon… “you buy them online from here. as you are in australia, shipping of the tria may come up as not deliverable but you can still get it delivered as there is a new way through australia post (your local mail delivery service) that a lot of people from australia are using to get it delivered. i can help you out more with this if you want.”

    • hi sally. yes that is correct, i read it somewhere on the net that you can get it delivered to you in Aus, through a thing called ‘shopmate’ which is australian based, part of your local postal service (australia post) if i’m not mistaken, which acts as an parcel on-forwarding service from us to aus. apparently that’s the only way when you purchase from amazon here. let me know how you go, however from what ive read it sounds like it’s that easy as above ^^

  90. Hey there, I was wondering if the Remington machine can be used on face. I am light brown & have black hair. But very thin black hair. I will appreciate any help.

    • hi aman. no it cant be used on the face, here is the remington for face & body here. I would recommend using the tria for the face instead.

  91. Hi. I am trying to make a decision for what is best for me. I am 3/4 on fitzpatrick scale with dark brown/black hair. I am wondering which would be best for me; tria, remington pro plus or tanda me my elos. Which is most effective at permanent hair removal? I am looking at amazon and there are multiple reviews for the tria and remington but not very many for tanda, so its making me skeptical about it. Please advise me.

    • hi alli. if your skin color is between 3-4 on the fitzpatrick scale you should be fine using either the tria or remington pro plus (or the quartz available here as its the newest machine from remington), if your hair color is darker than your skin color. the tanda, i believe, should only be used in cases where your skin color is too dark (or for people out there with red, blonde, white or grey hair). yes, it’s not as good as the tria or remington machines but it does offer people that don’t have wlight skin/dark hair a permanent hair removal solution, so based on this, it’s an awesome machine! given that the tanda is only recommended for the cases as i pointed out above, generally, you will find less reviews on it, that’s why.

      • thanks for the reply! I’m trying to research online the difference between IPL and laser. seems that laser targets a specific pigment while IPL is a broader beam. which seems to be more effective?

        • hi alli. that is correct. laser is more a concentrated beam. in general, i believe laser is best but it also depends on your skin type and hair color type and the machine that uses each technology is different, they are not all the same.

    • hi kerrie. i recently replied to a comment from another lady from Australia, as I’ve read it someone on the net that you can get it delivered to you in Australia, through a thing called ‘shopmate’ which is australian based, part of your local postal service (australia post) if i’m not mistaken, which acts as an parcel on-forwarding service from us to aus and when you buy it from here. apparently that’s the only way when you purchase and get it delivered to you. let me know how you go, however from what ive read it sounds like it’s that easy as above ^^ If you want me to look into it further, I can, no problems and send you some more details, also, I’ll contact the other lady too and if you want send over more info. just reply to this comment if you need more help.

  92. Which of these products would you recommend for removing large areas of dark hair on light skin. The “head” on the Tria looks small, but you mentioned is the best product. While the “head” on the Tanda looks to treat a larger surface area, but may not be the best out there.

    • hi jake. that’s correct, a lot of men prefer other devices over the tria because yes, the tria head is quite small for areas like the chest and back. Another machine quite popular with men apart from the tanda and I would recommend more than the tanda is the remington quartz because it does have a bigger head and great for larger body areas and perfect to use on light skin/dark hair. you’ll need to buy this if your hair is quite thick. they have more of a neutral colored one if the color puts you off, it’s the newest one with a lifetime cartridge (meaning you don’t need to replace cartridges ever!) but of course, as it’s the newest one (latest technology) and with unlimited use, it comes at a higher cost, see here. these are the best that i recommend, especially for men as you do need a machine that is quite powerful.

  93. My daughter has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome wanted something for her hair growth on face/neck area. Have you had any feedback from others with same condition?

    • hi deb. sure. with pcos, it just depends on the type of pcos your daughter has. generally with pcos, this means that the hormones are imbalanced and that means that hair growth can be more persistent in some girls. the machine will work to stunt the growth of hair and it will be permanent but she will need some patience, it may just take longer than other girls that have normal hormone levels as hormone levels can affect hair growth alot. she’ll see great results especially because she wants to use it on her face. for your daughter, i would recommend no other machine except the tria.

  94. Hello, I have light skin and dark thick hair, from what you say I think the “Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro” would work on me, but do the result last? From what I understood the results with that machine are not as long-lasting as with the other ones.

    The other machine I can buy of the ones reviewed is the “Silk’n SN-002 SensEpil” but the price is higher, so if the results would be similar I would buy the Remington.

    I also wanted to know if the Remington is safe to use for facial/bikini line hair, because I read people that used it for that but I’m not sure.

    Thank you very much!

    • hi ire. the remington machine you are referring to is the most basic and first machine released by remington, yes the results are not as long lasting as the newer machines, so yes you are correct. if you want a remington to use on your facial hair and bikini line, use this remington machine here as it’s for the face and body and its a newer machine with more permanent results but yes because it is one of the best machines, you will pay a higher price. the sn002 is pretty good for the price, just expect to wait longer for the results in comparison to the better remington machine above. people do use the basic remington machine you referred to for their face, however, it’s not ‘approved’ as safe to use on face.

  95. thank You very much for detailed information. I have medium dark skin and black hair. As I live in Australia I get tanned as well. My skin gets tanned easily. I used to use Laser hair removal services (Aleksandrit and candela devices) in clinics back in my country and here in Australia as well. It is effective on my skin, but the problem is that the prices are very high here in Australia and they do not do it properly, missing some areas that you paid for and that;s why some of the hair fall some left. And they do not do any re-treatment. That’s why I want buy one and do it myself. As I know IPL is less effective than Laser and is not recommended for dark skin as it gets distracted by dark skin’s pigments and also can be risky. is it true? Which machine would you recommend me, price doesn’t matter as it is one time investment 🙂 Thank You very much

    • hi nikki. yes i have heard the prices are extraordinarily expensive in Australia and what you said is pretty much correct. It can be more risky on darker skin colors but generally, with both technologies, the lighter the skin color the better. but, the technology is getting better. since you have medium dark skin, i think you would still be a good candidate for the tria 4x. if you want me to help you more, where are you from originally to see how dark your skin really is? if you are quite dark, maybe the tanda (here) may need to be considered too. also – try and do treatments when you haven’t tanned as much as i said above, the lighter the skin color the better.

  96. Hi there. Is there only shipping to certain countries? I’m from South Africa and have only found suppliers of salon grade laser machines.

    • hi asha. what machine are you wanting to buy? if you can’t buy from here, maybe try here to see if they will ship to you. I am not sure how much it will cost to you, check on those links i have given you.

  97. If i understand correctly, the tanda me smooth is older version of the tanda me my elos but what is the tanda me chic? I am fair to medium skin toned and wanting to remove blonde hair….will the “me smooth’ and the “me my elos” both work for me? I am having a VERY hard time finding out the differences in the tanda models listed above…(i feel really stupid but IDK which to get!) Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    • hi lori. no problems, yes i know it can be very confusing. Basically, with the systems that you mentioned above, they are all manufactured by the same company, they are all based on the same technology (rf and ipl) and they all have the same applications (excellent for all skin colors and all hair colors) AND are all safe to use on both your face and body. so what is the difference then? The only difference between them is age, the me smooth is the oldest device, the me my elos is the model released last year and the me chic is the one just released. there is a slight difference in the design of the me chic in that it’s less hassle to use as it doesn’t come with a bulky machine. it’s design is more like a ‘device’, it’s more of a compact and easy to use. Given that one machine is older than the other means that the newer machines are more effective are removing hair permanently, so you will get results quicker with the newer machines than you will the older machines as technology advances in these machines every year or two. Which do I recommend? The Me My Elos. That’s basically it, hope that explains it a bit better. By the way, I got your registration for the free stuff promo I’m running, I’ll be in touch with you shortly 🙂 thanks alot!

  98. Im confused. I searched online shops where I could buy this stuff. Can you please help me. I need a budget friendly device. How about silkn glide? Is it not effective? Thanks.

    • hi april. well i hope to make you not so confused 🙂 silkn glide is ok, but if you want silkn brand, why don’t you go for the flash instead (try buying here or here to see if you can get it delivered to you) It’s budget friendly but better than the glide.

  99. Helo admin am Mary,from benue state Nigeria,am very fair with dark thick hair on my upper lip,face,body and chest,i really need this hair removal so how can I get it?

    • hi mary have you tried buying online here or here? give those a try and see if you can get delivery to you in Nigeria. which machine did you want exactly?

  100. Hi, I’ve been doing alot of research and cannot decide if I should get the Tria 4x or the Remington. I am half Korean and half white and have black hair and a medium-light skin tone. My hair grows like crazy and it is so dark so I really need to find something with permanent results! I am less worried about price and more concerned with the results. Thanks.

    • hi ariel. both machines will work great on your skin color and hair color so you can choose any of these. just something to consider, maybe you should opt for the newer remington which i am yet to update the above for, this one here, its the best and newest from Remington this year.. Otherwise the Tria is a machine you can’t go wrong with 🙂 It’s really up to you what you prefer given that you skin and hair color are fine to use with either machine.

  101. I’m really torn between Remington Quartz, Tria and the TandaMe/MeSmooth. I have fairly light-med skin (unless tan in summer), mostly dark brown hair, and want permanent results on legs. Upper lip and bikini would be really great, too. I am in early 50s – no gray body hair yet but who knows. Which machine is safe for all of those areas? (If I’m going to invest, I’d like to use it on face, but Remington says not safe there). I do have some persistent facial hairs that are light gold, but most are dark brown.

    • Hi Lisa
      You can’t decide between machines, sound like everyone! It can be a hard decision for sure. I’ll try and make it simpler for you so you can finally decide + I’ve found another machine (might make your decision more difficult but I need to tell you so you can make the best decision) – There is a Remington machine, not the quartz, but a different one which is safe to use on face and body, this one here. I would be looking at either the Rem or Tria. The Tanda is still good, but not as good as these two, as it’s more suited for people that have dark skin and red/blonde/grey hair. The other two are just better for light-med skin tone and dark hair. Between the Rem and Tria, it comes down to personal preference, whether you want to replace cartridges, the Tria is easier to use on face and bikini and smaller body areas but Rem has bigger surface area which is handy for legs.

  102. Hi,
    I have been going into a clinic for hair removal but have noticed that its costing me too much and there’s certain parts that I was too embarrassed to get hair removal done. A lot of the hair has been reduced, I was wondering which product would be most useful for my condition. I’m sorry if this question has been asked previously, the comments were too long and did not bother reading them. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Dee. No problem, I appreciate your honesty! 🙂 And yes, there is a fair few comments now so it is easier just to ask your question directly to me. I am more than happy to help you decide, I just need to know your hair color and skin color so I can help. Let me know when you can and I’ll advise.

  103. I would like to get a hair removal machine for my daughters and myself. The problem is that they are like their dad with fair skin and blonde hair. I on the other hand have darker skin and brown hair. My daughters have PCOS which causes an extremely high amount of facial hair. Are any of these not safe for facial hair? Is there one of these items that can help both me and my daughters?

    • hi evelyn. sure there is 1 machine that will work on all of you, refer above for the ‘tanda me/elos’, that’s if you just want to buy 1 machine for you and your daughters to share. this machine is also safe to use on facial hair. unfortunately, there is no other machine that will work on blonde hair and you also having darker skin color.

  104. Hi
    Thanks for great informations.
    I have ivory skin and black & thin hair.
    I have decide to buy remington ipl6750. Is it good for me?
    What is the best kind of air removal for me?

    • hi samira. did you end up purchasing the ipl6750? it will work on your skin tone and hair color just fine. the tria will also work good too 🙂

  105. Hi!
    Thanks for this informative article. I read all of the products and their pros and cons however I can’t justify spending 600$ as a university student on a hair remover, especially considering it’s only excessive blonde hair on my face as a result of a hormonal disease. However, the more I shave or wax etc it becomes darker. Do you think one of the cheaper products could target a mix of thin, lighter and darker facial hair ?

      • hi bohh. unfortunately not, the less you spend, the more you are likely to waste your money. sorry buddy, this technology is amazing but it’s only amazing when you buy the right machine for you and when you spend a certain amount on money on the right technology. let me know if you have any other questions.


    • EXACTLY – that is why it’s important to get one of which I have recommended above, this is paramount!

  107. Thanks for the detailed review…I am torn between the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X and the Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro. I am a man with medium-light skin and dark hair and I need a device for removing hair from:

    1. Upper back and shoulders

    2. Back of my neck – I hate shaving that area every month.

    3. Chest and stomach.

    4. Potentially for contouring the beard line on the front of my neck (I realize this may not be possible and most manufacturers dont recommend use on a man’s beard)

    What device would you recommend? The Tria or the Remington? Thanks.

    • hi kunal. sure, i understand. i would probably suggest the Remington is better for you considering the areas you want to target as due to the bigger treatment window, your treatments will be quicker. yes, not recommended for front of neck, manufacturers advise against using any device on this region as skin is too thin and sensitive. i’d be going for the best Remington however, this one here.

  108. Thank you for this helpful information 🙂
    I was wondering about the Tria:
    1. As the surface is very small, won’t it take forever + many charging sessions to complete a full body coverage?
    2. Do you have to shave before using it (face as well)?

    • hi maya. your welcome 🙂
      yes a few people show their concern over this but just remember that is really is the most effective machine out there so with this, you’ll end up doing less and less treatments and your treatment time will decrease because it’s the most effective at treating and removing the hair permanently. the charge lasts about 45 mins.
      yes you must shave before each session, this ensures the remaining hair keeps growing at the right growth stage to be zapped by the machine.
      alternatively, if you are not happy with the tria, i’d recommend this machine instead here.

  109. Hi,
    I am a medium skinned male and aging with brown and gray body hairs. I want to remove chest, back, genital and leg hairs. I prefer do not want to buy multiple machines and price is not a issue. What is your recommendation ?
    Thanks much!

  110. hi admin I am from India I want to ask you that is there any side effect of tria hair removal lesar 4x when we use at home?

  111. Hi,
    I totally appreciate that you answer all the questions kindly. I am a 27 years old man with light brown skin color (kind of yellow) and thick black hair chest ist very very hairy and they are very thick and I’m doing can I get rid of all of the hairs on my chest and all the body.which one will you recommend?

    • hi keyvan – you are so welcome! I would probably recommend you go for this machine, its the best from that brand. Not sure where you live so you can get shipping from a US site here or from a UK site here (if in UK or Europe, it may help). It’s the best for male body areas such as the chest and back as it has a larger surface area. If your skin has a yellowish color that is ok, otherwise if you are quite dark, let me know so I can suggest another machine.

  112. Hi,
    I am a female with medium fair complexion (light brown), and dark course heavy hair growth. I was wondering which machine would you recommend? Also i was considering using a male version machine (because of the hair growth). Also can my sister use this machine as well? She is darker skin tone (brown) with thinner hair growth. Thank you!!

    • P.S. I need the machine to remove (preferably permanently) full legs, half arms, under arms, mustache, a bikini.

      • hi tas. sure no problems. if you have light brown skin with dark thick hair and you since you want to use it on your face and smaller body areas such as the bikini and underarms, i would first suggest the tria here. its the best machine, especially to use on your mustache like you mentioned. you can share with your sister but just make sure you clean the machine really well, especially when doing facial v bikini line treatments! there is no such thing as male version machines, the tria is the strongest, followed by this remington which is also another one to consider. My suggestion is the 1. tria 2. remington. how dark is your sisters brown skin color? if she is quite dark she may need another machine. let me know so i can let you know about a machine for her.

  113. Hi
    thank u for this helful information
    I have problem with my skin color wich is diffrnt in diffrnt part of my body
    My face is fair my body is some how lighter than fair and my under arm and bikini area is dark and i just can buy one of this,which one is appropriate for me?k

  114. Hi
    Thank u for your helpful information
    My skin is firm some area darker some area lighter and my hair is black and thick,which machin is appropriat for me?and can I buy it in norway?

    • hi atefe. thanks for all your messages. that’s fine, we all tend to have some lighter and darker areas of our body so don’t worry 🙂 how dark is your skin? if it isn’t that dark, have you tried to see if you can get the tria to you in norway from here? If not, I’d suggest this remington IF your skin isn’t very dark. IF your skin is quite dark (towards black) then you need to use this machine here.

  115. Hi, thank you so much for your valuable information. I am quite a hairy girl and I’ve done it all, from shaving to cream to waxing but I’m tired of all the hair. I need a machine that will do the job effectively and in as less sessions as possible. What do you recommend?

    • hi shirley. i know how you feel, i had years doing the same but thankfully no longer the case. please tell me what your skin color is and hair color so i can help you better?

  116. Hi,
    I am Northern European, so I have light hair & fair skin. I am wanting to permanently remove the hair from my torso. Can you please recommend the most effective device?

    Many thanks in advance

    • hi andy. the ONLY machine you can use for fair skin and fair hair is this one here. fortunately or unfortunately, this is the only machine for you 🙂

  117. Hello!I’ve done 4 sessions in the saloon( different ones), my 1st session was IPL which actually worked, than Diode( didn’t worked at all- waste of time and money), than my 3rd session was with SopranoXL which worked and my last session was with Soprano Alma, i’m still waiting for a visible”answer”!I must say that my skin is white and my hair on my legs and underarm dark but bikini is only some area dark, other areas is brown!
    Because i don’t wanna spend a fortune without seeing very good results, i would like to know if you can advice me which type of machine i should purchase, which gives good results in time, one i can use it for underarm, bikini and legs as well! And it has a long lasting life so i should not buy over and over again a new machine!
    Thank you so much ,

    • thank you uma. no not yet, it’s only relatively new device. i might gather some research on it if i see more interest or people wanting to know more.

  118. Hi. For people like me who live alone and have no one, is there a laser machine that will allow me to laser my back? It is very hard to reach back there.

    • hi bev. i would suggest a device which has a longer handle for you as you should be able to reach your back. for example, either the tria or flash&go – both featured above.

  119. Hi! Have you tried the illuminate machine? There was a site that showed that this had better reviews than the tria?

    • hi ava, yes the illuminage machine is the same as the one above ‘tanda’ or view here. they are just marketed different in different countries. no i wouldn’t say it’s better than tria, it’s only better than tria for people that have grey hair, white hair, blonde hair or red hair or for those with very dark skin colors.

    • hi lara. its the best seller in uk, not so much in usa. yeh its quite good, philips lumea have been developing different models of these for years, this is their best one yet. its a really effective machine and is on par with the tria that is for sure. if you have strong dark hair, just make sure your skin is no darker than olive for this to work. regardless, philips lumea make excellent quality machines to use at home.

  120. Hi! Thank you for posting this. I am deciding between silkn’ and remington. Could you please advise which one is better? (also which product from the brands). I’m trying to limit myself to $200.

    My skin is light and my hair is dark.

    Thank you!

    • hi tiffany. i would suggest the remington over the silkn. i am not sure what body areas you wanted to use the machine on but this is the standard remington here, this is the remington safe to use on both face & body here. it will work well for your light skin and dark hair

  121. Hi,
    Can you tell me if tria x4 is ok for use on legs as well as bikini and face? I ask because of the smaller light? Also is it easy to manoeuvre to get to all the bikini area? Or would you recommend a different machine? White skin,Tan easily with dark hair. Thanks

    • hi gp. Yes! it’s perfect for the areas you want to use it on, legs, bikini and face. and yes! it’s perfect for the bikini also, the best machine for the bikini because of the head’s surface area. your skin and hair color is perfect also!

  122. Thank you so much for your valuable information! I love your website! I was just wondering which one you’d recommend for me. I am a first time user of an At-Home laser removal, I have had it done in the salons. I am fair skinned with think, dark hair (legs, bikini, armpits before my salon sessions). I am willing to spend a decent amount but I don’t think I can afford the Tria right now (unless you think that’s the absolute BEST option for effective results for me). Please let me know what you think. Thanks so much!

    • hi lauren. sure, i can help of course! if you can’t afford the tria, then there is no point missing out altogether. since you have fair skin and dark hair (lucky you) you’ll pretty much see great results from a number of machines. my second best choice for affordability would be this one (available here)

  123. Hi am an ethiopian wiz not dark skin color but a very dark hair color..whichbone is recommended n how much is z price n all..n one more q is do u deliver to dubai…tnx for ur help..

  124. Hi. Are these home based machines as good as the ones in the clinics . I read comments of the dermatologists that these home based machines have very low intensity and power and therefore will give results in ages .
    I am a wheatish coloured male and want to get rid of chest hair . So which machine would be good.
    What about the Philips Lumea IPL machine??

    • hi vasu, of course they are going to say that, they don’t want to loose your business which they make a fortune on by overcharging people. yes the home based machines are weaker, but that’s ok, but although it may take only 3 months longer to see results, you still do see results and it costs way less, plus you can do the treatments every 2 weeks and do your whole body without barely costing anything. the philips lumea is not a bad machine, i’d prefer the remington or the tria more. your skin color is fine to use also.

  125. Hi admin
    I have white skin with balck hair .I need it for home use.which tool do you prefere for me .

  126. Hi.
    I live in Australia and wondering if you know where I can buy the Tria 4x laser here? Have tried a few websites already, but non of them ship to Australia.. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    • hi lily. I’ve been in contact with a few Australian ladies now and it’s quite easy to get it delivered to you over there in Australia 🙂 You can use a site called ‘shopmate’ when you purchase online from here. Shopmate is Australian based, part of your local postal service (Australia Post) if I’m not mistaken. This acts as an parcel on-forwarding service from US to AUS and when you buy it as I’ve mentioned above (here). Apparently that’s the only way to get it to you. Let me know how you go, however from what I’ve heard, it sounds like it’s that easy as above ^^ If you want me to give you more details about it from the Australian lady that I’ve been liaising with about it, or if you have any questions, leave a reply and I can happily contact you via your email.

  127. Hi, could you tell me what product would be most suitable for me. I have fairly light skin (light to medium), but black hairs, and I want to use it all over my body and face, thank you so so much 🙂

  128. Hi!!!
    I would like to know what you recommend for me, please! I have light brown skin and dark hair color. I also have to say that I am tan at the moment. Which FDA approved machine do you believe will work for me? I do not care spending a decent amount of money as long as it works.
    Thank you!

    • no problems flavia! depending on how dark brown your skin is, if you are really dark, you will need This Machine. if your skin is tan/olive or lighter, you can either use the Remington or Tria – it’s up to you/your budget.

  129. Hi
    Am sana from srilanka
    I have a light skin with dark hair
    Can I use tria 4x machine for treating large areas of my body such as thighs,abdomen and legs where I have thick hair as well…And Should I shave before use this machine??? Will it hurt??

    • yes you can use it for all over your body and face 🙂 safe to use everywhere! you must shave each and every time you use the machine and in-between treatments. do not wax, tweeze or use any other hair removal method – shave only!

      • Hello! I have the same question, I guess. The Tria 4x machine has a small opening for the laser and it seems to me it would take much time to go over one’s entire leg. Are there any on the market which can cover a larger area all at once and work just as well? Or am I missing something here? Thanks!!

        • hi sue. yes i know completely what you are saying and it’s a thing that a lot of people are hesitant about before going ahead with the Tria. Indeed it doesn’t have a smaller treatment window and it can tend to take a bit longer to treat the legs like you mentioned. however the good news is that because it actually is the most effective machine, you don’t have to be doing your legs for as many sessions and because there is big growth differences in between sessions, meaning it doesn’t take you as long anyway during the treatment – things that really make a different in comparison to other machines. the only other machine which i’d recommend the latest remington which is available here if you want one with a bigger head and that is nearly on par with the performance of the tria 🙂

  130. Hello, what do you think about the Philips Lumea IPL? I have a friend that uses that one and she says its great but I’ve read a lot about Remington IPL6750 and it seems great too, which one do you think should I buy? Thanks

    • hi k.h.i don’t mind the philips lumea, it’s growing on me to be honest. alot of people in the uk/europe like it more than the remington but the remington is more popular worldwide. i personally like the remington, especially the remington6750 like you mentioned and that would be my personal recommendation 🙂

  131. Hi! So I have Polysystic ovarian syndrome… So abnormal hair growth is something I’ll deal with my whole life… And have already spent thousands of dollars in clinic treatments. And although I’ve seen results, any change in hormones triggers regrowth. So I’m definitely looking for something that will work and will alleviate my pockets a bit… Lol!! Which do you recommend for long time use… And is any of them safe for genital areas… Brazilian per say. (I have super light skin, and super thick/dark hair.)

    • hi stephanie. yes unfortunately PCOS makes it difficult with hair growth, depending on how you suffer with PCOS symptoms, some women are unchanged with hair growth whilst others see some really good results with these machines. To be completely honest, if you suffer from PCOS hormonal hair growth, you can see results with these machines, but they will take longer than the average person that doesn’t have PCOS, but still you can get some nice results. You need to try and get your PCOS under control which helps in hair growth, they both work hand in hand 🙂 if you have light skin and dark hair (thick is good too), i’d recommend using the tria – its a heavy duty machine which you will probably need to tackle the hair growth caused by pcos. just keep an eye on the hair growth, you may need to do more than 1 treatment every 2 weeks. use my contact form if you have any other questions and i can talk to you via email 🙂

  132. Hello
    Thanks for your valuable informations . I just wondered if I would need to use different laser hair removal devices for clinical use or those home devices are good enough

    • hi ali, i would suggest a better machine if you are using in salon. if you are charging for treatments, you are better of getting a higher powered machine.

    • hi kully. yes you will need to buy a cartridge once the cartridge that comes with ipl6000f machine runs out. this model however, has a long lasting cartridge of 65000 flashes so you won’t need to buy one for ages. it may be a good choice to buy one at the same time so you have another catridge to continue on with though 🙂 it is replaceable so you can keep using the machine 🙂

  133. Hi
    I am pinky. I have brown skin tone with black hair. I have ordered tria and it didn’t work on me so I have returned that product and now I am still confused which device is good for my skin tone.

    Please help me out.

    • hi pinky. that’s correct, unfortunately if your skin color is too dark and matches your hair color, you wont get good results at all with the tria. it only gives really good results when there is a bigger difference between skin color and hair color. if you have darker skin, you have only one option, this machine here.

  134. I have dark hair, but also some gray hair in places I’d like to remove. I’m tan in the summer, but naturally light olive complexioned. Which one would you recommend for me?

    • hi jeanie. if you want to get rid of BOTH dark hair and gray hair, this is the only machine (new version or older version) that will work on both hair colors. No other machine will work on grey hairs. I’ve talked about this machine above too 🙂

  135. I am confused as to which machine I should get. My hair color on my head is dirty blonde to brown, my skin color is fair white in the winter tan in the summer. My main concern is black chin hair course I am almost 50 and menopausal. I would like to use it on bikini line but really only care about chin and neck area

    • hi tamara. firstly, we are only concerned with the hair color of the areas you want to remove hair, so please disregard your hair color on your head :). we want to look at the hair color on your chin and bikini as you mentioned. IF you want to only target the face and bikini like you mentioned, the most cost effective option for you, with light skin and dark hair is this machine here. If you want one for both your face and body, then this machine here is your best option.

  136. Hi,
    I live in south Florida and my husband and I are both fair skinned. We are both blonde hair with quite a bit of gray. I’m looking for the best machine to cover his back and my bikini line, etc.. What would be your recommendation performance wise. Thank you

    • hi tammy. sorry for my late reply, i think your comment went in the wrong folder. the only machine that will work on both blonde hair and gray hair is this machine here. no other machine will work for you guys but this latest model will give excellent results for both of you 🙂 Let me know if you have any other questions.

  137. Sorry I forgot to mention that I would like to remove some facial hair as well. Is there a single machine that would do all body parts including the face?


  138. Hi I am very confused from last 2 years I am trying to buy hair removal but not decided what I do…which one is better machine IPL or laser?? And other thing is I want to buy tria precsion is it good or not?? Should i go with Ipl or laser and tria 4x is good or tria precision .I have white skin tone and hormonal black hair…plzzz help me out

    • hi sana, sorry for my late reply, your comment didn’t go in my approved folder so it got disregarded until i checked all comments. are you still needing some help? the tria 4x is the best machine for you, especially since you have white skin and black hair. let me know if you have any other questions.

  139. Hi. I have fine blond hair on ‘normal’ skin (not super pale but equally not dark). I had laser removal at a clinic about 8 years ago (9 sessions) and about 2 years ago it started growing back. My husband has dark hair and slightly darker skin. He had 3 sessions on his chest and it only lasted a few months. We’d like to get one to use at home. Is there one that will work for both of us or are we better off getting seperate ones for our different hair type?

    • hi lauren. sorry for my late reply, i think your comment went to the wrong folder. am i still able to assist you? there is indeed a machine that will work on both of you (it’s this machine here), its also included above. however bear in mind that this machine that you can both use is not as effective as one that your husband can use solely (eg. the Tria) The Tria is more effective for your husbands darker hair color but is ineffective for you 🙁 If you live outside the US, let me know and I can assist in getting the machines shipped to you. let me know if you have any other questions.

  140. What about the Iluminage products? How would yo compare them? I am considering the Iluminage Precise Touch. I have medium skin tone, but tan easily and live in a sunny climate, so I am very tan. I have dark hair. I completed 5 treatments of hair removal for my underarms and bikini line at a professional laser clinic, and I am looking for a device for at home touch ups and possibly to start removing hair from my legs.

    • hi kelly, sorry for my late reply. did you purchase the machine you were after? yes i do like the new Iluminage machine, it’s the newest from that brand. It’s based on the same technology and functions as the previous models, but the newest models are always more effective. It’s also quite affordable 🙂 If your skin is quite tanned/dark, yes I would recommend this machine. If not, you will get better results from the Tria as above.

  141. Hi. I was wondering if you could help? I hair fine fair hair on pale skin and my husband has dark hair on medium skin. Is there a laser that will work for both of us or will we need one each? If one each which is best for fine fair hair? Thanks

  142. Hi Amy!

    Thank you so much for doing all this research and helping us figure this out! It’s really much appreciated and I can tell you have very happy readers from all over the world!

    I have fairly light skin with fairly dark hair so I think I could really see results. Paid for some sessions at a salon but it was such a hassle and I didn’t feel like they were being as thorough as I would (knowing where all the hair is when it’s not freshly shaved).

    Excited to make this move! I’m hoping to buy the Tria (for underarms, lower legs, and Brazilian bikini) but have 3 last questions if you don’t mind:

    1. Would the larger version really be inappropriate for Brazilian-level hair removal? I don’t mind a bit of hassle and awkward positions if it’s effective.

    2. I imagine I’d need to buy that cooling gel in bulk, do you have any idea how much that would be and what other costs are associated with the at-home process? (even thought there’s no replacing cartridges–yay!!)

    3. Has this worked for you? Do you feel hairless enough to stop?

    Thanks so much!

    • hi steph. thank you so much for your feedback 🙂 i love hearing from my readers. it’s no problem to help you out, that is what i’m here for 🙂
      Yes! You have the perfect skin color and hair color to get awesome results with the Tria so I recommend it 110% for you! I totally understand what you mean, I remember years ago when I first started getting IPL, because the area was shaved, the lady just used to breeze through the treatment, no really knowing where to concentrate (it really annoyed me because it’s too expensive to miss areas!). Anyway, you wont have this problem with your own machine!
      Here are the answers to your questions & if you have any more, just let me know!
      1. No, the Tria is absolutely fine to use on areas you mentioned, it’s the most effective and it’s the easiest to use on those areas out of all machines!
      2. I don’t believe you’d need to buy the cooling gel in bulk because what will happen is that you will have less hair after each treatment and wont need to target the full area for much longer. There is a few cooling gels that are available in big quantities so if you buy 2-3 you should be ok. There isn’t many other costs, I have written more about WHAT YOU NEED here:
      3. Yes, I saw the best results with the Tria, I am hairless now, I don’t do any more treatments at all.

  143. Hi Amy,

    I love your site thank you so much for the valuable advice.
    Do you have any recommendations for the best machine for hair laser removal. I am planning on setting up my own beauty clinic and want offer hair removal for clients who want to pay for their treatments. I know the home devices are good but they wouldn’t be appropriate for commercial use. With so many different lasers (IPL, diode, etc), if you were going to a clinic to get hair laser removal what machine would you want being used?
    Would really value your opinion

    • hi petra. thanks for your feedback 🙂 congratulations, how exciting to be setting up your own clinic. Sure, I can assist you with a few commercial grade machines. I will email you with more details!

  144. Hi! I would like your opinion. I am using Alexandritis laser for around 11 years with really good results to underarms, bikini and face, however the last 3-4 years I don’t see any reduction. Of course I am happy when I don’t have to do anything with my hair for 2-3 months. I was thinking to buy a home laser device in order to use it regularly and see better results (I am having laser treatment every 3 months lately. Do you think that this might be the case for not seeing a hair reduction?). From what I heard, laser is better than IPL, so I was thinking for the TRIA option. As both TRIA maschines are using the same technology, I was thinking to go for the cheaper one, however, what do you mean that the battery last 15min? Can you use it while it is being charged, or do you have to stop your treatment every 15 min? The other concern that I have is the small area that covers with every light. I think it will take ages to do each area. Especially on my feet. The remington ipl seems to cover a bigger area each time. Have you used any of those? What are your thoughts?
    Thank you very much in advance and I am sorry for the big message.

    • hi angelika. wow 11 years is a long time to be doing laser and you are still not hair free? Every 3 months is a long time, I was under the impression, you should be doing treatment every month. The downside with the cheaper Tria is that it only lasts 15 minutes at a time, that means you use it for 15 mins and wait for it to charge before using it again. If you don’t have much hair on your legs for example, you could get a leg session in. It does take a little longer to do sessions as the head is smaller, however it’s more effective so you will have less hair to treat everytime anyway. I’ve used both machines, and I recommend both machines, it comes down to personal preference.

  145. hi…i am a girl.I would like to purchase a laser machine for my face and full body. I have fair skin and blonde and thin hair. i would like to purchase a machine which gives me accurate and 100% result.

    • hi zeel. since you have blonde hair, you will need to purchase this machine here. I’ve also written more about it above 🙂 It’s the only machine that you can use to remove blonde hair on your face and body and will give you great results!

  146. hi
    i asked you a question but you didnt answer.please help me i really dont know what to do
    i cant contact you.
    please help

  147. Hi fantastic reviews, also really appreciate the fact you update the blog! I have had professional laser treatment (not IPL, think it was the ND yag laser) and it worked really well. However i do have PCOS amd so need top ups and am confused as to which machine to buy. I am of pakistani origin with a medium skin tone (maybe like Salma Hayeks but no where as lovely as her complexion) with dark hair. I really like the sound of Tria as it is a laser device but concerned it may not work. Have you tried Smooth skin gold? It has good reviews and compatible with all skin tones but is an IPL so noy permanent hair removal. Also can you tell me about the number of flashes/sessions each device may last for?
    Many thanks for any advice you can offer 🙂

    • hi hk, thank you so much! the only reason why the tria may not work on you is if your skin color is too dark, which you did mention that it’s quite dark but not too dark 🙂 I’ve written a more in-depth review of the tria in which you can compare you skin color (scroll down the page) ( I’ve read a lot of disappointing feedback regarding the smooth skin gold so I am not keen on it at all. I find no reason for someone to buy the smooth skin gold over any of the machines i’ve mentioned on my blog as they work way better.

  148. Hi. Thanks for ur review. Your blog is awesome. What is the size of the laser area that it covers for each zap. Sure what to call that. All is says is the size of the handheld device.

    • hi ashley, in regards to which machine please? the remington has the largest surface area per zap and the tria is quite small but then again, you need to take into account effectiveness of a machine. there is no point having a larger surface area coverage per zap but the machine being ineffective.

  149. Hi thanks for your great review.I have read the article but Im still having some trouble determining which machine is the best for me. Im a girl from Iran,Asia I want a great hair removal machine for myself. I want to use it with my mother,sisters and my friends( a small salon!!!!) I want a machine with large treatment window for face , arm,leg,bikini.A machine that can be refilled, recharged cartige and replacement,unlimited pulses.Which one can I buy?

    • hi saeedeh. i would suggest either the remington or the silk’n flash and go. however this is all dependent on your skin color and hair color for yourself and your relatives. if you have light to medium brown skin and olive skin, these machines are fine to use. if your skin color is darker, you will need to use this machine here.

      • thanks
        You mean it has Replacement cartridges?can I buy it easily?
        which one is better?
        IPL 6250 or 6500 or 6750??

        • hi saeedeh. the replacement cartridges are cheap and are available to purchase here. the 6750 is the best one as it’s the latest model. if you have the budget to allow for it, i would suggest buying it.

  150. Hi.first tnx a lot for your help
    1-I want you to name the parts of body that tria 4x i not recommended to use.( as you mentioned above not to use between the eyebrows).What about nipples,around anus area,labia majora ?
    2-Best machine for me (Asian skin , like light yellow and black dark can i send a pic of my skin with my email to you ?)
    3-Is it actually a good thing to remove our body hair? Because i have read that the body hair is the trash of body and this trash is getting out with hair…which means we close a way for this ,so may it cause internal problems some years later?

    • hi arina. sorry for my late reply, your comment went into the wrong folder. i’d be happy to answer your q’s for you.
      1-tria advise not to use above checkbones (this anywhere above the eyes) and the other areas you mentioned above. however, girls still use it on these areas but you just have to be careful. for the full details on what it’s fda approved for, read here.
      2-sure you can send me a pic of your skin. please leave your email on my contact page here (fill in the contact page) and ill send you an email. i do this to ensure i dont get unnecessary emails.
      3-there is no issues at all.we have been removing body hair for decades if not centuries. so the comment you mentioned, i believe is a myth 🙂

      • hi again . tnx for your reply.
        when i pluck my black and thick hairs ( on legs , arms …) , it seems they have white follicle and root as well as my fine hair follicle!!!!! and laser light is going to burn the follicles.
        how can it be possible?are you like me?can laser be effective on this?

        • hi arina. everyone that has hair has the same as you. the root of the hair is a white bulb looking thing. is this what you are talking about or is your hair white at the root, but dark at the top?

  151. hi.I’m so excited for your replying all of messages and tanks for this. what is your opinion about silkpro device. diode laser with germany technology.

    • hi sasan. it doesn’t compare at all to the above devices. i’ve tested it and it provides zero results 🙁

    • i don’t believe any are ‘approved’ safe to use in or around the ear. despite this, i am sure many people use this one here for ear hair, its a decision you have to make whether you want to proceed on ear hair or not.

  152. Hi. I have a mix of dark and light facial hair and light, freckled skin. Which device would you recommend? Also, do you have to shave the area before treatment? I am nervous about shaving my face. Thank you.

    • hi jubes. sorry for replying so late. your comment got missed. do you still need my help?

  153. i am 35 year old brown hairy man from canada
    i want to have home lazer removal machine which i can use for face and hole body
    i want it for my dark brown hairs and grey hairs
    i am looking for some thing which i donot need to buy expensive cartrage
    my email is below please send me the details

    • hi salman. i hope i can still help you. did you end up buying a machine. let me know as i can still help 🙂

  154. Hi I am looking to purchase a laser hair removal machine for home, I have got medium skin tone and dark hair but also have light hair on face. Can you please recommend something from me.

    • hi natalie. hope it’s not too late to help you? since you have light hair on your face, the only machine for both dark hair + light hair is the tanda machine (this one here for shipping in the UK). If you are not too concerned about the light hair, and are mainly concerned with dark hair (this machine here – shipping for uk) is your best option. hope this helps 🙂

  155. Thank you for all your valuable information! I read every single comment and it took a while. Lol. My background. I have light Olivish skin and have hormonal issues and grow EXCESSIVE amounts of hair on my face, which are extremely thick and dark, many of them are ingrown seems I also have a follicular issue as well. Even with shaving it is bad enough that you see a shadow, and waxing won’t get all the hairs which has results in years of tweezing and with the ingrown hairs and my neurotic need to get these I have also scarred and damaged my face. I pray one of these systems are the godsend I’m looking for. I also had a session of professional laser treatment a few years ago on my face, lip, and armpits and saw no decrease in hair. I know the tria uses the same laser diode technology as a professional laser system at a lower power and could it be that an IPL system could be more effective because of the various wavelengths vs a laser which uses the one wavelength but at a stronger current, which I know makes laser more effective at hair removal but could IPL be the better choice for me since professional laser didn’t work in the past?
    Is there any system better for these ingrown hairs? they are right below the surface just covered by a small amount of skin.
    So I am between the tria 4x the Remington Quartz and the smooth skin gold. I saw on a previous comment that you didn’t recommend the smooth skin but it seems that there are a lot of positive reviews and it has a significant amount of power as compared to the other IPL machines. I wanna say the number was 9500 mW vs 7800 MW for the Remington. What is it you don’t like about the smooth skin gold? I want the best machine possible and have done my research but still have these few questions. I hope you can help me. Thanks again for this article and comments!

    • hi carey. thanks for contacting me. i understand how you feel ,there is alot of people out there feeling exactly like you do, so don’t worry 🙂 firstly, i believe that the smooth skin is a relatively new machine to the market and you will find the smooth skin ‘positive’ reviews are sponsored or paid in the form of positive advertising to support a new product launch. the machines i am suggesting have been tried, test and reviewed over 5 years now and are proven that work. Yes, I don’t like the Smooth skin. I believe it’s a waste of money, that’s my personal opinion, its effectiveness doesn’t compare to the Remington and nowhere near the Tria. I would personally recommend the Tria or Remington for you, however please bear in mind that if you have hormonal issues, you are going to take a lot longer to deal with your hairy areas. It is possible, but just with time (which is probably better than nothing at all!). If you are going to choose the remington, ensure you buy this Remington Machine Here, its the best model of the Remington range and the only one safe to use on your face.

  156. Hi , im pale white female with coarse dark facial hair due to hirtuism will the tria be effective for me

  157. Hello, my husband is Mexican brown skin dark hair, he wants to get rid off some hair growth around his eyes, what would you recommend

    • hi laura. just to let you know, none of the machines on the market are approved to use on male face. this being said, they still are used by males despite this, but I just thought I would let you know as to what they are ‘approved/not approved for’. It’s also important to note that around the eyes is a very sensitive area also, you need to proceed with caution. If he does have dark Mexican skin, he can only use this machine here because of how dark his skin color is.

  158. Hi,
    I noticed your reco for long hair.
    I’m wondering if you would make the same recommendation for menopausal white coarse, whisker like hair on chin and moustache. Electrolysis I though would be the only option but it seems to be taking a very long time to see any significant results. If in fact it works on stubborn white wirey chin hair, that’s great – I was considering this machine: mē Chic Targeted Permanent Hair Reduction Device with FDA Cleared elōs Technology (Men/Women) .
    Thanks in advance for prompt reply!!! 🙂

    • hi sharon. yes indeed. give electrolysis a miss! yes you will need the tanda/me chic range of machines. i would personally recommend this machine being better for you than the smaller device over the longer term.

  159. My husband wants to remove ALL his hair except scalp and eyebrows (yes, even (especially the beard). He has pale skin and almost black hair. Are any of the machines safe and effective on beard hair as well as body hair?

    • hi zeb. please be mindful that non of the machines are ‘approved’ safe to use on male face. despite this approval or not, many men still buy them and use them on their face but it’s a decision you have to make whether you proceed to use it or not. i do know of men who use both the tria and remington on their face whom have pale skin and dark hair.

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