Remington I-Light Pro Review: Why I Bought It as My First Ever Hair Removal Machine


Remington I-Light Pro IPL6000USA

Remington I-Light Pro IPL6000USA

FDA Approved




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          • FDA Approved
          • See results within 6 months
          • Long lasting catridges (up to 1,500 flashes)
          • Affordable catridge replacement
          • Trusted and reliable Remington brand


          • Laser machine (compared to laser device - Tria)
          • Requires catridge replacement
          • IPL hair removal (compared to laser) which is not as effective as laser

          *Last Updated: October 2017*

          Remington – A Trusted and Reliable Hair Removal Machine

          First off, the Remington I-Light Pro IPL6000USA was the very first hair removal machine that I ever bought! For those of you who are home laser hair removal fanatics like me, I just want to say that Remington has like a zillion beauty products. But on the upside, almost all of Remington personal care products are amazing and reliable. While I am not quite done with my foray into the world of Remington, I am already fairly less hairy and confident enough to say that I am well on my road to hairlessness.

          ** I have now updated to include the NEWEST machine from Remington FACE & BODY! (SEE BELOW ↓ )


          Okay, so when I started looking into laser hair removal and IPL hair removal as an alternative to waxing, I knew pretty fast that it would have to be a safe home use device, since getting professional laser hair removal treatments at laser clinics were way out of my budget range (I tried 2 sessions professionally and couldn’t afford anymore).

          So looking at cost and laser machine reviews my only two options were either the Tria or the Remington. The Remington was significantly less expensive, so I bought it straight up, no questions asked (8 months later I purchased the Tria Hair Removal Laser – 4X) but that is not to say the Remington didn’t work because it did and still does! I am just a laser hair removal fanatic and if you read my Tria 4X Laser review you know why I bought the Tria aswell).

          However, why I gravitated to the Remington initially was the price tag and the assurance of a reliable product from trusted beauty brand, Remington was an automatic plus; but my only question was, was this cost cut hiding a not so effective machine and hidden expenses or was it a miracle?

          Where & How Can You Purchase It?

          US US & World Delivery: Click Here (*NEW* FACE & BODY: Click Here)

          UK UK &Europe Delivery: Click Here

          (Other Countries? Check either of the above for shipping to your country)

          The Remington IPL6000USA Miracle Pro’s

          IPL vs Laser – When I first ordered the Remington i-Light Pro, I was very aware of the fact that it was an IPL based device (meaning, it uses intensed pulsed light technology) instead of a laser device, and despite the fact that as a slightly tanned individual, this was obviously the better choice, however, everyone swears that laser is the better option so in my head I felt like I was missing out on the laser. I suppose thinking back that this was because of the way lasers are marketed as the best thing since sliced bread, and I as a consumer bought into this. I mean, laser is by far the better option in terms of effectiveness but not for everyone! IPL hair removal works better for some people! Boy was I wrong! IPL hair removal machines do work!


          Always Think Safety – The Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro is a FDA approved home hair removal device, based on IPL (Intense Pulsated Light) technology. It is also clinically proven to reduce hair growth. The IPL technology in the Remington i-Light Pro is similar to that used by dermatologists whom use IPL.

          No Recharging Required – One little thing that not only sets the I-Light Pro apart but also happens to make it so much more easier to use is that the IPL hair removal machine has a power cord and doesn’t have to be ‘recharged’ every 30 minutes. When you are doing small parts of your body like your arm pits, this may not bother you that much, but pausing every half hour, when you are doing your back or legs, can be kinda annoying. In fact the ease of use of the Remington IPL6000USA also includes the make of the device, which is more apt as a hand held device, (compared and contrasted to the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X Device).

          Fast & Gentle on Your Skin – The new and improved Remington IPL hair removal machine has a fast flash rate meaning that your home hair removal treatments get done and dusted in half the time. For example, with the improved ultra fast flash rate, you get treat your underarms and bikini line in less than 20 minutes.

          Skin Tone & Colors – The Remington i-Light Pro is an IPL hair removal system that works much like a laser hair removal machine but is more open to variable skin tones and hair colors. The I-Light Pro is specifically targeted for use on skin tones ranging from ivory to light brown. It is not safe for use on darker tones.


          The Remington’s ‘Only’ Con

          Remington-IPL-cartridgesCost and Cartridge Replacement – The Remington works using a cartridge which gives out around 15,000 flashes, and while the only con is probably the constant need to renew cartridges and the cost added of approx. $30 every time you need to replace the cartridges. So, some women find that this is no issue because the Remington IPL6000 is cheaper than other machines and they take into account the cost of cartridge replacement.

          Other than extended maintenance cost, however the Remington has been a star – the package gives you detailed instructions of how to use it for optimum value (you are supposed to form a tight grid pattern, I messed up on my right arm but my legs came out perfect), it’s also recommended you buy an extra bulb to being with (Remington I-Light Pro cartridge). Basically, I was able to get through my legs and underarms by the time I finished the first two bulbs and considering I didn’t have to retouch anything for the following six months it was SO totally worth it!

          Machine v Device – This is not really a bad aspect per se when it comes to laser hair removal machinemy Remington I-Light Pro review the fact that the Remington IPL machine is considered a bulkier hair removal ‘machine’ as compared to other hair removal ‘devices’ available on the market. I find that because it is a machine

          All in all I thought the Remington hair removal machine was a steal! The machine worked well, was super easy to use, was not as pricey as other devices on the market and lasted me through six months making me think the maintenance cost of those bulbs are still totally worth it, and definitely worth the buy!

          Like Remington? Maybe try the Pro Plus or the Pro Plus Quartz IPL Hair Removal Systems

          Personally, once I read the reviews of the better versions (upgraded machines) from the Remington i-Light Pro including the Remington IPL6000P I-Light Pro PLUS Permanent Hair Reduction System and the Remington IPL6000 Pro Plus QUARTZ – these machines are pricier than the standard Remington IPL machine I mentioned above.

          *Get the NEWEST machine from Remington which is FDA Approved for BOTH FACE & BODY HAIR REMOVAL!!* CLICK HERE

          However, they have upgraded features as they deliver top quality hair removal results in less time; the Pro Plus and Quartz hair removal machines have permanent results in 3 sessions compared to the 6-8 sessions from the Remington I-Light Pro.


          Although by paying the little extra upfront, you pay less in cartridge replacement as the cartridges last up to 30,000 flashes compared to the 15,000 flashes from the I-Light Pro. Due to a couple of factors, a lot of customers are now buying the Remington IPL6000 Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz machine for greater effectiveness also knowing that you are buying from a trusted and reliable personal care brand. All the Remington IPL machines pretty much have the same design, differ slightly in color BUT differ greatly in functionality. If you are serious about ridding yourself of unwanted hair, upgrading to the Pro Plus or Quartz will make all the difference.


          See below for the cheapest price I found for the Remington I-Light Pro Hair Removal System.

          GET the Remington I-Light Pro HERE

          GET the Remington Pro Plus Quartz HERE

          GET the Remington ILight Pro Plus HERE

          GET the NEWEST Remington Face & Body HERE

          Where to Buy?

          US US & World Delivery: Click Here (*NEW* FACE & BODY: Click Here)

          UK UK &Europe Delivery: Click Here

          (Other Countries? Check either of the above for shipping to your country)





          1. Dear
            Please i want ask you the Tera and Remington hair removal need gel or work without gel, and I would like ask you which one better for me my skin is white with blak hair.
            Best wishes

            • hi emad. you don’t have to use the gel if you don’t want to however a lot of people tend to either use a numbing gel or an after treatment gel – here is my post about creams for hair removal. the laser treatments work fine without a gel though. the better machine between the Tria and the Remington is the Tria, specifically 4x. If you do however want the same level of the Tria but as a Remington brand, go for the Quartz I have suggested above.

          2. Hey admin.
            I have bit of hair on my forehead n it is disturbing to query is that can this product (Remington light pro) remove permanently my hair from forehead.
            Number of my forehead hairs are 45 to 60.???????

            • hi hash. i am sorry but i don’t think any machine manufacturer advises any machine to be used on the forehand. you can proceed to do it yourself but the manufacturers don’t advise to do it. proceed with care please.

            • also has, if you are looking for a machine that is safe to use on your face, i would recommend the tria 4x or tria precision more than the remington i-light as these are safe to use to removal facial hair.

              • hi mari, thanks for your contributions to the site 🙂 yes that can be the case with different remington models, not all remington models can be used on the face, this one I’ve mentioned above does not come with facial attachment.

            • hi ranvir. yes that is what they are made for. of course, not after one session, you will need to follow the schedule, pre and post care and you will get rid of the hair permanently.

          3. Should I put a laser protection glasses on while using Remington, or it doesn’t necessary ?

            • hi rose, yes i always use and advise using safety protection laser glasses. i’ve written more about what you need here. let me know if you have any other q’s.

          4. Hi Amy,

            It’s Israel here. I was just wondering if it would work on male hair as it does on femail hair. What do you think about it? Also, which current version would your recommend nowadays? Thanks a lot and awsome article =)

            • hi hetal. it depends on how dark your indian skin is. if you are really dark (if the color of your hair is very close to the color of your skin, then you can’t use the Remington machine. you will need to buy this machine instead (delivery to the UK here). Otherwise, if you are not that dark, it’s ok to use :). Also if you want to use the Remington on your face, you will need to buy this Remington model here (delivery to the UK here)

            • Hi melody. it’s excellent and it’s the only remington machine for both face & body. it can be purchased here (US) or (UK).

          5. Hello thank you for the great review!
            I myself own trial laser but hardly ever gets used due to pain. It was a lot more painful than I expected. How does this machine go painwise??
            Thank you!

            • hi nick, i would be interested to find out which ‘trial laser’ you are currently using. generally the machines i’ve included on my blog here are not painful at all. the most ‘pain’ you will get will be a ‘rubber band’ feeling, but this only lasts NO LONGER THAN 1 SECOND, then disappears. that is what i like best about these machines is that the ‘pain’ isn’t long lasting at all. this machine in particular isn’t painful at all.

          6. You mention in the article that you are slightly tanned. Is it safe to use if you are tanned but still in the acceptable skin tone range? Other things I’ve read said not to use if you have a tan. I live in a sunny, warm climate and am always a little tan.

            • hi vanessa. as you can see from my photos, i have tanned skin. i tan well in summer and love the outdoors. the machines worked fine on me. if your skin tanned but still fits within the skin tone range, you will be fine. the most important thing to determine the effectiveness of the machine is that your hair color should be darker than your skin color.

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