The Best Laser Hair Removal Device: My Tria 4X Laser Review


Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

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          • 1st FDA approved home laser hair removal device
          • Uses the same laser technology as professional laser clinics
          • No cartridge replacement (no ongoing costs)
          • Fastest results in ONLY 2 sessions. 2x FASTER than any other machine
          • Skin tone sensor, LED Display, Pulse Counter, Lock and much more!


          • Re-charging required

          *Last Updated: October 2017*

          I Use the Tria 4X Laser and This Is My Review:

          ‘Hello Hairlessness!!’

          I bought the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X when I was an eighteen year old college freshman, living in Miami. So as you could probably guess, bikinis and bikini tops played a considerably large role in my wardrobe. When summer was right around the corner I got a little frantic a few months prior and wanted a way to not have to give up the required one week of summer vacation it takes for your hair to grow back into the ‘wax-able’ stage again, and since I didn’t shave at the time, I realized my only alternative was laser hair removal.

          Now as I previously stated, back then, I was a student, so I wasn’t exactly rolling in the greens well enough to dish out thousands of dollars in laser hair reduction treatments in a near-by laser clinic. I needed therefore, a cheaper alternative to the clinical sessions and it was then that I came across the Tria 4X and read some Tria 4x reviews and let me tell you if anything, it’s underrated!

          You know how they say a ‘diamonds are forever’? Well, think of it as: Tria is forever!

          So when I got my Tria Hair Removal Laser, I hadn’t been waxing for a month prior to that and I’d been pretty much sitting at home with a tub of ice-cream (bad break up) so no tans either. The Tria was basically me trying to find a reason and way to step back into the spotlight and boy did it work.

          Below is my own personal and honest review of the Tria Hair Removal Laser but keep in mind that this Tria 4X Laser is also the most popular at home laser hair removal device, the highest rated laser hair removal machine and the safest home hair removal machine on the market – my parents would be proud – I invested well 🙂 Why is the Tria the best, safest, and most popular laser device? Because the Tria 4X Laser was actually developed and founded by the same scientists which made the first laser to be used by professional laser salons for laser hair removal and much more (read on to find out why I am in love with my Tria and you should be too)!

          Where & How Can You Purchase It?

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          Why the Tria 4X is So Fantastic! – My Tria 4X Laser Review


          1st FDA Approved At-Home Laser Hair Removal Device – The Tria was the very first machine to be approved by the FDA for hair removal at home. Tria are truly the leaders in home hair removal technology. Also, the scientists that founded the Tria Laser 4x invested the laser technology for laser clinics, guaranteeing the same 100% safety. The backing of the FDA approval makes me feel safe using the Tria Home Hair Removal Laser and also lets me keep using it without worrying about trauma to my skin. In the long run, it is therefore even cheaper than waxing and definitely more efficient.

          Easy to Use / Multiple Settings / LED Screen with Many Features – Once I got the Tria 4X Handheld hair removal device and started setting it up I knew immediately that it was going to be a breeze to use. As a basic precaution with any laser device that you buy, you must read the instructions, but in saying this, with the big LED screen, it was so easy to navigate the settings and features including the skin sensor, comfort settings, energy levels, pulse counter, battery life and lock feature.


          I started with my underarms thinking they’d be the easiest place to see immediate results and then moved on to my legs and my upper arms.

          Every single hair removal treatment I have undergone with the Tria Next Generation Laser has been amazing! When I first began using it, I had to pick which level to use it at, I tested out a zap on my skin at Level One and then quickly promoted myself to a Level Five realizing I probably had a very high pain thresh hold and felt next to nothing.

          For those of you with low pain tolerance, I would advise starting at a lower level and working up, but do remember this will affect the effectiveness of the laser. Another alternative is to use a numbing cream prior and also a calming cream post treatment. Read my reviews on what I think are the best numbing creams and calming creams for laser hair removal here.


          Automatic Skin Tone Sensor – When I first got the Tria Laser I remember thinking that it looked like something out of a ‘Men in Black’ movie and that it was a result of me splurging post-breakup. Anyway. so being partially Greek, means I fall smack bang in the Tria effectiveness chart – Light skin and Dark hair. Tria emits a laser called diode ray which means 2 things. 1. Is the the most effective, permanent and safest laser hair removal laser and 2. Tria generally suggest that the Tria 4X not be used for white, grey, blonde or red hair types.

          However, the great thing about the Tria Laser is that is has it’s own brain internal skin tone sensor and won’t work on anyone too dark for the sensor, making sure you don’t make any mistakes in terms of skin tone and hurt yourself; this is a very smart feature for a home laser device, I personally thought this was a great feature of the Tria Laser.


          Charging and Application – If you have read my review on the current safest hair removal machines on the market, you will know that I am a ‘laser device’ woman. I prefer having to charge my laser device than have one with power cords and bulky equipment. That is why the Tria Next Generation laser is the perfect laser hair removal device for me. What’s more is that the Tria is a handheld laser hair removal machine.

          Now, in regard to charging and application, for me the arm pits were so quickly over, that I didn’t even have to recharge it (the model retains charge for about forty minutes, way longer than you need to do your underarms with the laser device ). When I moved on to do my legs, it took me a bit longer, I had to recharge, stop and charge again, but since I was on my break it didn’t really bother me at all. The recharge time is reasonable and unlike other devices it can be used for over half an hour at a stretch making it the most user friendly model I’ve ever used.

          Most Effective Laser Hair Removal Machine – Soon enough I was done with everything but my face and I could already, in one session, see the marked decrease in hair growth. Six weeks later (recommended time to wait for body parts), I had minimal growth and decided to risk my upper lip. Four weeks later (recommended time to wait for facial areas), I felt like a freaking prima donna!!

          Turns out not only had my hair growth slowed down, but the hairs had actually become finer and less visible even as they did grow. Even after the third treatment, you will notice that you are relatively hairless already, which not only gave me a much needed push in my post break up love life but in my normal social outing with friends as well. From this, I became easily more confident and less self conscious, and knowing your skin is as smooth as a baby’s bottom doesn’t hurt one bit!

          Cost and Safety – As for the cost which is currently a little higher than other machines but the way I see it is that I spent that money back then for a laser hair removal machine that allowed me to get around $8000 worth of hairlessness sitting at home! It is admittedly a bit of a steep price for the initial upfront cost, but there is NO on-going costs, no cartridge replacement costs, you don’t need to keep buying replacement laser hair removal cartridges ever! So you may ask yourself, is it really more expensive than other hair removal machines?

          Two words – Worth it!


          The Bad

          The only slightly undesirable feature of the Tria Laser for some people may be the fact that it requires charging. I have already mentioned that personally for me, this isn’t an issue, I prefer an at home laser hair removal device that is re-chargeable any day over having power cords and bulky equipment. I take my Tria Laser travelling with me and I couldn’t imagine lugging around a machine with cords etc in my hand bag.

          Why the Tria 4X Laser is the Safest Machine to Buy?

          Like I’ve already mentioned, the Tria Laser was developed by the same scientists whom founded and invented the professional laser for use in salons, this is their second invention, delivering at home laser hair removal for everyday people to be used safely in the comfort of their own home.

          It is the safest laser hair removal machine on the market because the way the Tria Laser is designed provides for direct and accurate targeting of the hair follicle. This ensures that the Tria laser concentrates on damaging the hair follicle, without causing any damage to the surrounding skin tissue.

          Where Can I Use the Tria Laser 4X?

          You can use the Tria Hair Removal Laser on your entire body (including the face – from the cheek line downwards). For example,  you can use the Tria 4X Laser on your arms, legs, bikini, back, underarms, feet, hands, chest and stomach.

          Here is the skin color and hair color tone chart for the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X.


          What Do Other People Think of the Tria Laser?

          Ultimately, the reason why I sealed the deal and purchased the Tria is because many many women raved about it. They absolutely loved it and they had evidence to support it. I read so many tria hair removal laser 4x verified customer reviews and buyer reviews and here are some reasons why people bought the Tria:

          “Easy to use, effective and pretty amazing”


          “Worth the Money”

          “A Life Changer”

          “A Life saver if you hate daily shaving”


          “Amazingly Effective”

          “Best Results for Permanent Hair Removal”

          Research Results & Tria Clinical Studies

          The Tria is one of the only machines which is backed 100% by clinical trials for home hair removal. As I’ve mentioned before, the Tria hair removal laser 4x uses professional style technology (similar to the laser machines in the salons) by using diode technology laser, meaning you get the most permanent results from a home laser machine.

          The Tria 4X Clinical Studies revealed the following:

          After the 1st month of using the Tria 4X Laser (i.e 2 laser hair removal treatments), participants in the clinical study had a 70% reduction in hair growth.

          Wheeland Report 2012 conducted a peer reviewed, controlled study on the FDA cleared Tria Laser 4X and these were the findings:

          1. Finding #1: After 8 treatments (approx. 1 year) there was 73% reduction in hair count from using the Tria machine on a high setting at 1 month after the eighth and last treatment
          2. Finding #2: Any hair that did grow back was finer, lighter and not noticeable.
          3. Finding #3: 100% customer satisfaction.

          Concluding Comments

          The Tria 4x does may seem like a bit of a leap but it is truly is the best and safest at home laser hair removal product. You seriously will not need to shave or wax again after using the Tria Laser. Tria is a reputed company for a reason, it is the most popular hair removal device and the Tria 4X Laser is also the best selling laser hair removal device ever sold.

          Not only does the 4X work, it’s easy to use, it suits almost any skin tone and it is so effective that your tweezing days are going to be officially over! Tria 4X peeps – if you haven’t tried it – you are so missing out! Don’t settle for any other product, you deserve the best results.

          I recommend the Tria 4X to any ‘ideal candidate’ – seriously make your life easier and less hairy that is for certain! If you want professional hair removal results at home – The Tria Hair Removal Laser is the machine to buy.

          Where to Buy?

          US US & World Delivery Click Here

          UK UK & Europe Delivery Click Here

          (Other Countries? Check either of the above for shipping to your country)

          I hope my review of the Tria was helpful in making a decision on what machine would suit you. Are you thinking of buying the Tria but still unsure, have you bought it and are you happy? Please leave a comment below, share with the community here so we can all make better, more informed decisions.




          1. I loved reading your review. But I have some questions. I’ve always shaved and I am now getting into the waxing and hair laser removal. I rather invest in a at-home machine/ device than spend thousands for a salon/ clinic treatment. I’m wondering are the results permanent? Or will I be using this device permanently? Also, can I continue shaving in between treatments? Hope to hear form you soon.

            • hi joedanna. i agree with you, there is no need to spend thousands at hair removal clinics anymore, it’s a waste of money. you are better buying these machines and doing it yourself, it may take a bit longer (only 2-3 sessions more) but you will permanently remove body hair forever 🙂 so yes, the tria 4x laser is permanent. you need to ensure you shave before each treatment and cease to do any other way to remove hair, only shave in-between your sessions. so stop all waxing, plucking, tweezing, creams or threading. so yes, shave away 🙂

              • I’m looking to buy a machine and wondering what one wouldbe best for me. I have dark course hormonal hair that grows quick and everywhere. What should I buy and how often would I use it? I need help! I want this embarrassing hair gone.

                • hi darla. totally understand, i think most of us do 🙂 this tria is the best, especially if you want to use on your face and body (I am assuming that if you have light skin and dark hair). let me know if you have dark skin as it won’t go with this machine. for facial hair, you should use once per week, for rest of the body, once every 2 weeks and ensure you shave in-between treatments. it will go as soon as you start using it 🙂

          2. I just received my tria 4x laser today. I actually am charging it and waiting patiently!! How will I know when the charge is done? The screen did turn off and all the bars are filled but it has only been on the charger for less then a hour! I have been wanting this laser for the last two year. I really hope it works for me. I have a lot of hair in embarrassing places and get ingrown hairs/razor burn from shaving. I hope this is my little miracle!

            • hi jennifer. the charge on the tria 4x is done and fully charged when the battery light stays on so you should see that the battery symbol with all bars, whilst it is charging it would have been blinking/flashing so that means it is not fully charged. you should love it 🙂 say goodbye to ingrown hairs and razor burn 🙂

          3. I was wondering if it is safe to go in the sun, and sunbathe before/during or after using Tria ?

            • hi mary. I sunbathe in between treatments and most people do. however, here are a few things to remember, ensure you don’t burn or do a treatment on burnt skin, wear sunscreen/protection to protect your skin, don’t sunbathe immediately after treatment, wait at least 36-48 hours after treatment. the only thing to remember is that you want to ensure you don’t get too tanned, if you tan easily and you get quite dark, it becomes less effective so you may want to wait until you lose the tan and do the treatment.

          4. Hi, I’m thinking about getting the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x, but I have one question and I wanted to know if you could help me with it… I have a light skin color and dark hair color, which by what I’ve been reading, means that the device would be perfect for me. But I wanted to know if it affects if I have a lot of freckles on my arms and face, would it be a problem? or will it still work on me?

            • hi ana
              great to hear! you’ll absolutely love it. with your question, if you have small light freckles you will be fine. it is recommended if you have dark and large moles or birthmarks, not to use it on those areas.

            • hi charlotte, um…the manufacturer doesn’t specify exactly with the Brazilian, they say bikini, but most girls do Brazilian though just fine…i do. if you do, just do a test patch first and go on the first or second setting to begin with.

          5. First of all..I love your website!!
            I always had a lot of issue with unwanted hair and I finally decide to do something About it. I’m tired of shaving and even after I shave the results are horrible.. I can see My legs full of little black dot..i hate it!! I never wear skirt for that reason. I just want something that makes me feel good with myself (and I just move to Florida, I need a solution) I have olive skin and dark hair (a lot of them) and my first goal are my legs and bikini line. I was reading about tria and Remington and i don’t know wich one will be the best. I’m afraid that the tria small Window will be a problem when I will start working on my legs..but I want at the same time something that can guarantee great results. What do u think I should use? Are the hair loss really permanent? After how long u see some permanent result? I I have to use it forever or i will be eventually hair free?
            Thank u so much for your help, I can’t wait to start!!!

            • hi chi. yes i know, your problems are the main reason why most people buy these machines 🙂 depending on how dark your skin is, the tria 4x will give you good results if there is a difference between your skin color and hair color. yes the treatment window is smaller, meaning that it may take longer to do your legs but remember also, you will have less hair growth with each treatment that you do so each treatment gets quicker to do anyhow. another option if you have dark skin, maybe look into the tanda (or the new tanda machine) as it’s the best for dark skin. yes hair loss is permanent but # of treatments is different for everyone. you wont need to use it forever, just as long as you do the treatments regularly and shave in between, you will see permanent hair free results.

          6. Hi
            Why there is different colors and price for the dvice??can you explain to me what is the difference?because I am not sure which color is the best to buy it.
            And what is the life span for it…

            • hi nora.
              there is no difference in the effectiveness of the device with the different colors, you just buy the color you like best 🙂 in terms of price, the slightly more expensive machines are the newest models released so you are getting the most up to date machine.

          7. I was wondering if this is safe to use on scar tissue. I have a rotten time with ingrown hairs in a scarred area on my chin and desperately need help!!

            • hi sheriann. in regards to scar tissue, i am really not sure. the best advise i can give is that you can do a test patch on a REALLY low setting and leave it at that. don’t go on higher settings for any skin that is abnormal and just be patient.

          8. Hi, I am doing some research regarding the Tris x 4 hair removal machine. I have been doing laser treatment for years on my chin and it still come backs after 6 weeks. I have decided that its time to purchase something that I can do at home. As I have always been told I’m the perfect candidate as I have light skin and dark hair. How ever i have some questions. If I do it like every 3-4 weeks instead of 6 weeks .(So i don’t give it time to grow) Do i still have to shave in between? As i would never like to shave my facial hair!
            how long does it take for a hair to fall under treatment?
            Does it have a limited lifetime?

            • hi maureen. the tria 4x is the best machine to remove facial hair and yes you are the perfect candidate (light skin & dark hair) 🙂 the recommended treatment cycle is every 2 weeks, however, you can determine this for yourself based on your own hair growth cycle and how it works for you based on your results, this is something that varies greatly from person to person. with home machines, i personally recommend doing the treatments more often that the laser clinics, even 3-4 weeks might even be too long, however to answer your question, if you want to do it 3-4 weeks, that’s fine. yes unfortunately you still need to shave. shaving allows all the hairs to grow at the same rate and ensure they are at the perfect ‘growth phase’ in order to zap them and ensure that the hair follicle dies. hair removal depends again on person to person, i personally saw immediate results but needed roughly around 8 treatments to see major hair loss. the tria lasts about 4 years IF you are doing your full body all the time with every treatment. it will last longer if you are doing individual areas. hope all this assists you.

          9. I’ve been researching these for a few months now and am really getting excited about all the positive feedback. One question I haven’t read anything about, how long does the tria 4x last? Not the battery life, the life in general. Does it have some sort of warranty or anything?

            • hi dani. i know, the tria is very exciting, a major breakthrough for us women that is for sure. the tria 4x will last roughly 4 years IF you are doing FULL body treatments each time. if you are doing individual body areas it will last longer. it also comes with the standard 1 year warranty.

          10. I have had laser treatments on my face (chin and upper lip), and the tech always wears red goggles. Are goggles required to use the Tria? Can I use the Tria between my brows ?

          11. I m indian woman northern indian I have dark hair and hard hair on my full legs can it be good for me can I know how many full body sittings can be done with tria 4x

            • hi saru, because you are indian, how dark is your skin color? The Tria 4X will not be effective if you have very dark skin? If so, you need to get the Tanda machine (the last on the list) or the newest 2014 machine HERE which can be used on ALL skin colors and ALL hair colors. If you do just your legs with the Tria, it will last for many many years!

          12. Hi, I have a question, I have light skin and dark hair, for some reason, I started getting unusual hair growth on my chin area, and my lower cheeks, and double chin, it’s so bad, grows very fast too, I’m usually threading it every 3 days. So it’s a regular hair growth speed like a man! It’s horrible, I purchased Tria 4x, and followed the instructions to shave that part of my face, hating the idea of putting a razor on my face! But I wanted to make sure I’m following the right steps to get the best results. The next day though, my chin area feels very rough like a mans face! I’m not sure if I can thread it? Or do I need to keep shaving till the next treatment? I don’t think I’ll be able to shave like this everyday! What if the treatment does not work! Then it will make it worse for me! I’m so sorry I’m freaking out. Can you help answer my question?

            • hi maya, it is recommended for best results to only shave in between treatments. i am not sure you are aware of this but your chin and facial hair growth would be mainly due to your hormones. you may want to get them checked out as this persistent type of hair growth on the chin and sideburns is mainly attributable to hormone issues. to answer your question, i would personally continue shaving in between treatments and i would continue this for about 2 months and see how you go. i know how you feel, many people feel this way but with any laser or ipl hair removal, shaving is the only choice in between treatments, this is because threading or waxing removes the hair follicle from the root and if you do this then the laser beam has nothing to penetrate in order to kill the hair follicle. i hope this helps and gives you more confidence. don’t freak out or worry to much, i’ve tried to explain it the best i can for you.

          13. I have a question for you. Is this safe for men? I have very thick leg and chest hair and shaving is a nightmare. Any idea if this device works as well for men? I’d love to be able to use it on my personal areas too, but I don’t think I’m that brave. Thanks!

            • hi chrio. it’s 100% safe and works excellent for men, especially the body areas u want to use it on. the best machine for men to use as most effective for thick hair!

          14. Effectiveness


            Hello my name is cindy i have facial hair under my chin that i shave pretty often my hormones are good i went to the doc gor that i have been shaving for may years and its just getting darker and worse and embarrassing for me i did electrolysis but it was very pain gull and i fidnt go as much as i should cause i have busy scedule my wuestion is will this product hurt less and will o see better results with no hair growth on my chin thx

            • hi cindy. yes electrolysis is very painful and kind of outdated these days especially because we can use these machines at home now. the product will not hurt as much for sure! alot LESS painful. you will also get better results. you can use this device on your chin.

          15. Can you tell me how uncomfortable it might be using this device on the face/ upper lip area? I want to purchase this for my sister. She had a terrible experience with laser treatments at a clinic. She has coarse facial hair which is dark, and a medium light skin tone.

            • hi emily. the tria is the safest device to use on the face as it’s actually designed for both face and body hair removal. from my experience, i don’t find it very painful however i only go up to level 3 at most because it is my face and i like to be careful. generally, the coarser the hair, the more you feel it, i don’t think it’s ‘painful’ but it gives you a bit of a zap. she can also use a numbing cream and calming cream to assist if she finds it uncomfortable as many people find that using these creams helps a great deal. feeling the zap is a good thing because its the way to know the hair has been zapped.

          16. Hi, I have a question – I can use tria only after I have shaved, does it mean the face, too? I really do not want to shave my face, is there an alternative? thanks

            • hi rina
              yes i understand this, many people feel this way about shaving their face. if you want the BEST results and you want to notice the QUICKEST results, you will need to shave. if you don’t mind waiting to see results and doing many more sessions that required, you can use other methods of hair removal but you will not get as good results. it’s just the way the technology works best in order to permanently get rid of the hair, it needs the hair in the follicle and the hair at the tip of the surface in order to kill the hair and follicle so no hair grows there again.

          17. 1st shave then use tria????? is tria not effective for all skin colors? r we used tria on genital body parts?

            • hi rubi, yes shave before using the tria and in between treatments for best doesn’t work good on dark skin colors, you’ll need the tanda if you have dark skin. the manufacturer does not say to use on genital parts however i do on both boob region and down below just fine!

              • thnk u. i want 2 know tht in 1 lasir treatment with tria is enough for removing hair forever r not???

                • hi rubi. no, you wont even get results after 1 treatment even at a laser clinic! it is impossible to remove all the hair after 1 session that is because hair grows at different stages so each hair follicle, the hair is at a different growth stage. that is why it’s important to shave in order to try and get the hair to grow at the same stage, thereby not requiring as many treatments.

          18. Hello, before I start I’d like to say your review was great. Seems like you’re in love with it which makes me really want it!
            Currently I am getting ipl done at a salon, it has slightly reduced my hair growth but working out to be very expensive. I do my full face which includes my forehead.
            You mentioned that it is not advisable to do laser near the eyebrows? If I do my forehead and stay a little away from the eyebrows, is that ok with this machine?
            And also I’ve been told not to use any laser machine near the boob area, as it may cause side effects? Have you heard that before?
            Hope to hear from you soon x

            • hi yasmin. thanks alot! i am definitely in love with these machines and anything hair removal! it sure is expensive getting it done at the salon! i am surprised the salon does the forehead, i haven’t heard this before. i generally don’t hear much about doing it around the eyebrows, a few people say they do it but generally it’s not a major concern for many. i’ve used the machine around the boob area and i could probably say, most women probably do too. there is a lot of chatter around women doing it on their boobs/nipples just fine. i dont think you should be concerned, if it was the case, they would have disallowed a machine like this or made it publicly regarding any side effects.

          19. Have you used the tria 4x everyday on the same spot? I’ve done laser hair treatments on high levels for 2 years in a clinic and was not seeing results i wanted. I got the tria to hopefully help and I feel like my skin can handle everyday treatment. It’s for under my chin area and I haven’t been able to go past level 2 yet! Thoughts??

            • hi chelsea. i’ve used the tria as recommended, once every 2 weeks and the most impatient i got, i started using once per week. at the clinic, they were probably using the wrong technology on you or not on a high level like you believe. slowly, slowly you can increase the level but keep it slow and low for a while. level 2 is fine, be patient, it is the face remember, you don’t want to get excited. you can also using numbing creams if it’s too painful for you..everyday treatment? i don’t it gives you any better results than once a week or fortnightly, your hair needs to be in the right growth phase for it to work which it wont be every day.

          20. FDA Approved




            Avg. Customer Reviews





            I am a boy,I am mainly using tria 4x on lower legs because I have dense black hair.My question is that can I use Tria 4x every week instead of 2 weeks between treatment which is recommended.Also My tria 4x fan make noise while charging is that normal.

            Thank you very much.

            • hi james. excellent, i am glad to hear you are using the tria 4x and you are enjoying using it. yes it is quite common for the tria to make a noise whilst charging, it is not uncommon so don’t worry.

          21. Hi!
            I’m Hispanic. My skin tone is like the girl’s in the right (

            I have thick dark hair …what option do you think would be the best?

            • hi dayanna. just as long as your skin is no darker than this you should be ok with this machine.

          22. hi there, I’ve read so much about this machine I would definitely like to try it.
            my main concern is my face and I’m very glad the machine works on both face and body.
            my question is, compared to laser (I tried diode laser) is it as painful as the diode?
            also do I have a trial period, can I return it if it does’t work for me? do I get full refund?

            • hi milia, yes that is correct, the tria is safe to use on both face and body and it’s voted #1 machine to remove facial hair. the tria is based on diode laser but just not as powerful as salon technology (for obvious reasons). i think i read here that there is a trial free period but not entirely sure, not quite sure as I haven’t heard of anyone returning it, you have to get used to the level that you want to use it on and once you keep progressing you get better results. if it suits your skin color/hair color, you’ll see nice results.

          23. Hi there,

            I live in Australia and I’m really interested in purchasing the tria laser hair removal 4x however I cannot find a website that sells it here, do you know of any as Amazon doesn’t ship to remote areas in Australia.
            Thanks so much 🙂

            • hi samantha, i think there might be a way you can get it delivered to you. i responded to another comment that through your local mail delivery service (I think it’s called Aus Post?!) another reader of mine got it delivered recently from amazon to them in australia. i can ask for the exact details of how to do it, to let you know if you want.

              • Hi there, I also live in Australia and am looking for this product – could you advise on how I can get it?

                Many thanks,

                • hi rachael. i just replied to the same comment from another Australia lady 🙂 I’ve read it someone on the net that you can get it delivered to you in Australia, through a thing called ‘shopmate’ which is australian based, part of your local postal service (australia post) if i’m not mistaken, which acts as an parcel on-forwarding service from us to aus and when you buy it from here. apparently that’s the only way when you purchase and get it delivered to you. let me know how you go, however from what ive read it sounds like it’s that easy as above ^^ If you want me to look into it further, I can, no problems and send you some more details, also, I’ll contact the other lady too and if you want I send over more info. just reply to this comment if you need more help.

          24. That would be amazing if you could I’ve been looking for years for one of these 🙂

          25. Hi! Your review was great! Thank you so much for it. Although i wanted to verify a few things. I am Indian and have brown skin. Coarse hair on the legs and arms but soft facial hair. Do you think the tanda model will be better for me? Also I would like to use the device on the genital areas as well. It the tanda model safe for it? And can the device be used over tattoos as well? Does it need any other appliances also along with it? Tria sounds to be the best model. However I don’t think it will be suitable for my skin type. Is there any drawback of the tanda one as compared to tria? I read your review about different home lazer removal devices and you mentioned that tanda wasnt as effective as tria. Could you let me know in what ways is that? Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you!

          26. Hi. I’m an Indian. I have coarse hair on my arms and legs and soft facial hair. Wanted to know if the tanda me device is the best one for me. Also, is it safe to use it over tattoos? And what about the sensitive parts of the body? Like the genital areas? Is it safe to use the device on such places? Are there any side effects? Thanks in advance:)

            • hi aasetha. yes if you have dark indian skin color, you can only use this tanda machine here. the tria above will not work for dark skin colors. it is fine for facial hair also. i would avoid using over tattoos as you run the risk of the tattoos fading. you can use on bikini line but not advisable on very sensitive genital areas. the only side effects is that if you don’t do a test patch and you start on a high level, you can do skin damage but this rarely happens if you use the device properly – do a test patch before you begin and always start on low setting and work your way to higher settings slowly.

          27. Hi! Thank you for your awesome review! I want to ask you if you read something about the recommendation for people with acne scars on their faces! Because I would love to buy it for my face and sideburns specifically and I haven’t read if it’s safe for that situation

            • hi yolanda. the tria is one of the safest machines to be used on the face (everything under the cheekbone) so that includes upper lip, side burns and chin. not sure what you mean by acne scars? whether it helps or hinders? either way, i haven’t read or experienced anything about this.

          28. Hie, Thank you for your review. I live in do i get this machine here?
            also, I do have a thick hair growth on my chin area. Is it ok if I don’t shave or use any kind of hair removal method before and in between this laser treatment? will it be effective if I just let the hair grow and do the treatment?

            • hi meena. thanks for your comment. this is the only place where you may be able to get it shipped to you in malaysia here. check and see, if not, you may be able to get the remington shipped to you which is also an excellent machine to use on face here. yes, you should only shave in between treatments, no waxing or plucking! no you can’t let the hair grow, to keep the hair in the right growth phase for the laser/ipl to work, it is recommended you keep shaving the area and when you perform the treatment, the hair must be shaved at the surface.

          29. I have both blonde and darker hair that I want to get rid of (though I’m more concerned about the darker hair). I read where you said the Tenda is the only model that will be effective for reducing light hair. One question, is the Tenda just as permanent as the Tria?

            • hi emily. yes the tanda is permanent, you just may need more sessions to get the same results as the tria but because it does target all hair colors, it’s only slight downside is it may take longer as I believe the tria is the leader with these devices (but it doesn’t work on light hair). infact, to get the best, most permanent results, you should look at buying the latest tanda which is this one, you’ll get the quickest results with this one if you want to buy a tanda.

          30. Will the hair, that this deactivates, never really come back. And is it effective for thinner hair i-e fuzz ( stomach,back), or does it only work on coarser hair?

            • hi aj. yes, once you target the hair growth, it deactivates the hair follicle from the root, hence the hair doesn’t come back. it will work on thinner fuzz hair but may just take a tiny bit longer. i would suggest shaving this area for as long as you can before treatments and in-between treatments. i’ve personally noticed, the coarser the hair the better but it will work on thinner hair also no problem as not everyone has coarse hair.

          31. Hi! First, I wish to thank you for your in-depth and well-written reviews!
            I am a male who wishes to do at-home hair removal. I have olive-colored skin (that is much lighter, now that it is near Winter), and dark coarse hair. However, I really want to get rid of ear hair. I was wondering if the Tria is practical for this purpose? And is the area of the laser beam small enough, to do so? thank you!

            • hi scott. thanks for your comment. yes the tria 4x laser beam is small enough and is prob the best machine for it but i would be very cautious using it on your ears, it’s not recommended or advised to be used on ears, no machine is suggested to be used on ears?!? not sure why, probably because the skin is very sensitive.

          32. Hi,
            I just want to know what is different between Tria Laser hair removal old model and latest one? I means THR-25 and LHR-3.0 and LHR 4.0?
            Because i want to buy it by this month. Thanks

            • hi adam. year of release / model # basically. the tria 4x (lhr 4.0 like you mentioned) is the latest version, most up to date technology + design has changed through the times also. throughout the models, the # of comfort settings has increased and also more accurate precision to target the hair follicle more accurately and precisely for maximum effectiveness. generally, from what i am aware, there isn’t may of the older models available anymore. can you send me what you have found so i can take a look? i wouldn’t be buying older versions if you want good results and are you sure where you are buying from is legit?

          33. FDA Approved




            Avg. Customer Reviews


            I ordered it two days ago because your review encouraged me. I want to start taking photos and maybe I can send them to you to see the before and after. I am SUPER DUPER excited!

            • hi dee. awesome! i’m excited for you also. i’ll send you an email. that way, you can send me your photos direct to my email if you wish.

          34. If it’s a laser device, and laser can be done on eyebrows, why can’t this be used on eyebrows? at least in between them (probably too big for detail work)?

            • hi mara. I am unsure as to whether any companies advise using it above the cheeks as they don’t want any injuries in that area. I know a few people that use it in-between the eyebrows but not underneath, near the eyes. I would be extremely careful around your eyes… the tria’s head is small enough, compared to all other machines, that can be used there though…

          35. FDA Approved




            Avg. Customer Reviews




            10/10/10/10. I purchased the Tria ages ago now after reading more about it on your blog. The info you give is amazing, detailed, to the point and really useful, unlike many other sources I’ve read. I should have come on here earlier and said thanks but I am now. Thanks for all your help and giving me a long term solution to a problem I’ve battled with all my life. Life is great! Thanks!

            • thank you casey. i am so thrilled you are happy and that you have come back to say hi and leave a nice comment. thanks so much.

          36. I just had a quick question, after how many sessions of the trivia is the hair permanently gone? Or do you need to be constantly applying the laser treatment to stop hair growth? Thank you

            • hi yesenia. you will need to do proper treatments with the tria for about 3-9 months depending if you do the treatments properly (according to the instructions) and your hair color/skin color. after that your hair is permanently gone.

          37. Hi my Q is how long the lifetime of tria ? For how many session i can use it before the pulse is finish? And there is any chance to charge the tria with pulses?

            • hi lolu. the tria has about 90000 flashes it’s plenty to do your entire body over and over.

            • hi diana, no unfortunately not. you’ll ruin any results you’ll get from the machines. only shaving to ensure the hair is growing at the right stage fro the machine to work.

          38. hi
            i just read a few comments about shipping to australia.
            if i order a tria from the states can i use it in Australia , because we have a different plug here for the power?
            im hoping If i get an adaptor for it , i can plug it straight in and it will be good to go .
            cheers sue

            • hi suze. from what i’ve read you will need to buy a us to aus adapter also and you should be good to go! power voltage is 220-240v so all good.

          39. I used the tria 4x today for first time, will I need to wax or pluck my upper lip before my 2nd treatment in 2 weeks?

            • hi kelly. do not wax or pluck. you must shave only (yes even your upper lip you need to shave) that is if you want the best results or you want results, period. this ensures the hair grows at the right growth phase for the laser to target the hair growth and stunt it from growing anymore. ideally shave the night before or the day of your next treatment in 2 weeks.

          40. I am curious about the statement that this laser has lasted you for so long. I am definitely sold on buying one, however the laser only has so many pulses before it dies and then I would think you would wish it did have replaceable cartridges.
            How many years are you saying you have used it? And do you still do touch up sessions after all that time?

            • hi jessica. i didn’t start out with the tria, i first bought the remington i-light many many years ago. i’ve also used the silk’n sn002. The tria was the final machine i used and saw the best results in comparison to all others. yes i wish it did have replaceable cartridges, i think many people do also….let me know if you have any other q’s!

          41. Hi, im pegah, and im on second treatment, and my hair grow every day and im coming impatients, wonder if i can use tria more than once per two week, i read a lot of reviews of peaple who using tria, and some of them, on first 3 weeks, using 2 times per week, and im not sure if its right.some of them use every week, Whats your recomandation? Can i use tria more than once every 2week?!

            • hi pegah. it’s recommended, for the first 3 months (12 weeks) to use once every 2 weeks. If you aren’t seeing results after say 6 weeks, i’d probably start using it once per week, that’s just my opinion.

          42. Hi my name is Ashleigh and I was just at a laser hair removal clinic and it was going to cost me 10,000 to do 9 treatments to remove the hair on my legs and I almost fell out of my chair. I am really interested in buying the tria beauty 4X but of course I am skeptical and have seen some bad reviews so I just want to make sure that this product will work for sure before I buy it. I am patient and dont using it only once every other week. I have waxed my legs and arms so much that I have a lot of spots and areas with no hair so I am also wondering if it would take less treatments for me because of that?

            • hi ashleigh. i totally know what you mean when it comes to costs of doing laser hair removal at clinics, some clinics just overcharge. like i’ve mentioned, the tria 4x mimicks the same technology as laser clinics, it’s diode laser. yes, it’s not as strong (for obvious safety reasons) but it still works at permanently removing both body and facial hair – there is no question about it, it may take only 3 extra months to see results but i’d so rather than then spending thousands of dollars. yes there will always be people that write negative things – but you need to bear in mind that some people are ignorant and do not follow the preparation guild-lines, the simple thing/must of shaving (AND ONLY SHAVING) before every treatment and in-between every treatments (i.e you are not allowed to use any other hair removal method apart from shaving) is ignored by many, no wonder some people see no results, this is one thing that is paramount and they ignore it and then complain they don’t see results. so yeh, that is my honest opinion here, let me know if you have any other concerns 🙂

          43. Hi,

            I have read your review and it sounds so good but I have a few questions. My skin is light and I have dark hairs so I would be buying this machine to remove all my body hair so, does this machine come with different size heads for different parts of the body? Or if it is just the one size does it not take ages to the legs /arms?

            Thanks for your help 🙂

            • hi anisah. sure i can help you with your questions 🙂 no the machine does not come with different sized heads, it comes with one head which is attached to the machine (not removable). its literally perfect for both the face and body because no other machine has a precise treatment head, hence it’s perfect for the face and other body areas such as bikini, underarms etc. Yes, it may take a little longer for the first 1-2 treatments, but after that, because it’s so effective at removing hairs, your treatments will be fast anyway. let me know if you have any other questions. don’t forget that to buy in the uk, you can get free UK delivery from here.

          44. Hello ! Amazon does not sell to Malaysia , is there another way to get it to Malaysia ??

          45. Great review! I definitely want to try this. I suffered for years and years with shaving rashes (I have pale skin and dark, thick, fast growing hair 🙁 ) I finally resorted to waxing but have had to stop as I have developed a lot of ingrown hair on my legs. Would this still work do you think? Even with the horrible marks that are left?

            • hi liann. of course it will work for you, you have pale skin and dark thick hair which you will see good results with this machine. You just need to start shaving as soon as possible to start preparing the hair growth. I know what you mean about ingrowns, they are painful and ugly. when you start shaving and start using this machine, you wont suffer anymore – thank goodness!

            • Hello! Thank you for your help! I replied your email with one more question before I buy this and sent it to your email 🙂

              • hi disha, ok no problems, i will check my email now (sorry for my late reply)

          46. Hi. I read a comment above u said lif time of tria is 90000. Is it true? 🙁

            • hi pegah. yes but that is all you need, you probably wont even use 90000 pulses

          47. Hi,
            what are all the side effects of using this? Is there any scarring risks or changing the color of the skin?

            • hi georgina. no there is no side effects if you use the right machine for you. The only and unlikely side effect is that you burn if you use the wrong machine for your skin color/hair color. This is highly unlikely because they have tested these machines so extensively to be available on the market today. Let me know if you are unsure about anything else.

          48. Hi I had my first treatment on my upper lip and my chin and a little below my chin as well. My hair usually grows in about 3 days. So can I use it like one every week instead of once every 2 weeks? I’m an Indian with olive skin tone and thick chin hair.I felt the zap in the 1st level itself. Getting very impatient as I used the razor on my face for the first time. Please reply.your post motivated me to invest in one. I paid About Rs50,000 for this

            • hi fida. yes my hair grows quick like you so i used it alot more frequently than every 2 weeks myself. i’d recommend the same to you also.

          49. Hello ,
            I love your reviews I want to ask if your hair did grow back after finishing all the sessions now in 2016 ?? and is it laser or ipl ??? And you can use it on the bikini area which means just the bikini line or the whole area??? Thank you in advance ❤?

            • hi lola. completely hairless now 🙂 laser or ipl depends on the type of machine you buy which depends on your skin color and hair color. yes of course, using the Tria on the bikini line is one of the most treated areas. I have used on the whole area (most women do) but you need to be very careful in that region 🙂

          50. Hi, Love your review, very descriptive! I am a 38yr old female & have a huge problem with FACIAL/neck hair! I would say that I have a light (but not bright white)/medium skin tone, hair is mostly light with a few darker/coarser hairs, I’ve waxed & plucked for about 5-7yrs now & HATE it!!! I was initially interested in one of the Me My Elos machines as it is suitable for ALL skin & hair so I figure “I can’t go wrong” (difference in those machines are a bit confusing) but then I ran across this review & now I’m undecided! This is a very hard decision for me because I’m on a fixed government income & absolutely can NOT afford to go wrong/buy several machines! I need HELP!
            Thanks so much, Hope to hear from you soon ☺?

            • hi candy. thank you so much for your feedback 🙂 there is absolutely no reason why you need to buy several machines, so don’t stress about that 🙂 and in regards to your facial and neck hair, don’t worry, most of us are just like you too 🙂 After reading your comment, the best advice I have for you is to think what hairs you really want to target?!? From what I understand, you have light colored skin, that is good news! However, you have a mixture of light colored and dark colored hairs. You are 100% right, the Me machines cover all skin colors and all hair colors, so it will permanently remove both your light and dark colored hair. The Tria (as above) although it is the most effective machine that produces the best results, it is only effective on dark hair and light skin (so the the blonde hair won’t get treated). I believe, in my opinion, that depending on how many blonde hairs you have, if you have alot, you will be better of with a Me machine. I would however, recommend you buy one of the new Me machines, this model here. You can also read more about the machine in my blog post here: If you have any questions or are still confused, let me know

          51. Hi there, I have a Tria 4x being delivered to Australia for me as we speak and I must say I am really looking forward to the results, I am not far away from turning 50 and my whole life I have battled a hair problem…nearly everywhere, I am looking forward to treating my top lip first! I am so hoping to see amazing results. Fingers crossed! I will also be treating my arms, hands, fingers, feet, toes, bikini, and legs…I wasn’t joking, I’m sure I am related to cousin ‘IT’! I joke, but it really has been a life long burden. My question is that I have quite a few moles/freckle like dots over my body, should I try to avoid them, obviously the few larger moles I have I am presuming I will have to, but do you think I can risk going over the others, have you heard of anyone burning their freckles or moles on their skin? No one seems to have mentioned this…anyway, I do have fair skin and very dark hair, so I will fill you in when I get this long awaited miracle machine.

            • hi caroline. did you receive your tria yet? how is it going? using it over small moles is fine and freckles is fine also. I would avoid using on larger moles, just use it around it just so you don’t hurt yourself. You don’t hear many people talking about it because it’s a safe machine to use 🙂

          52. Hi! I live in australia and have recently purchased and received this product. I’m just checking if it will be ok voltage wise to plug in and begin charging or do I need a voltage converter? Thankyou

            • hi erica. you will just need a USA to Australian adapter as Australia has different wall sockets. The voltage is fine to use.

          53. Hi , my tan is light and some of my hairs are dark and some of my hairs are blond (my blond hairs are on just my arms) can i use this machine on my 2 colour of hairs? Can i have sunbath before/after using this machine ? , if i can’t how many days i should wait for sunbathing before/after using this machine on my body? Can i use this machine when i got tanned? Could i use this machine on whole genital area? Could i use this machine at brazilian area? I want to use this machine on my whole body and I am living in Abu dhabi and here alldays the sun is at the top , so after using this machine i will go outside , in this case is there any risk about my tan is getting damaged/burned because of sunshine ? Can i swim in the sea after using this machine ?How many weeks/months should i use this machine for being rescued from my body hairs permenantly? At this page you have written that this machine has different levels; i will ask something about it which level is appropriate for which body parts?And at this page you have written that this machine warns the user when it used on wrong level ; i have a question on this issue too how can i now which level is the true level ? How many days/weeks should I put between first and second usage of this machine?At the process between first and second usages will my body hairs be grown ? If they will grown i will not want to see them so i will want to shave them , but i know that i have to shave them 1 day before i use the machine so in this case can i shave my body hairs more than 1 time before second usage of this machine ? Now you now the colours of my body hair,tan, you know the weather conditions at the city i live ; Which machine do you think will be best for me?
            Thank You !

            • hi elizabeth. thanks for contacting me. i have answered your questions below:
              – you cannot use the tria on blonde hair, it won’t be effective at all. only dark hair.
              – i would wait a few days before and after before sunbathing
              – you can use this machine when your skin in tanned but the more dark your skin is, the less effective the machine is.
              – most women use the machine on genital areas, just keep to the lowest level and be careful. always do a test patch. tria don’t recommend using on these areas though
              – always protect your skin using sunscreen because you have a hot climate with lots of sun. its important to be using sunscreen all the time
              – you will need to use this machine for more than 3 months to see your hair be permanently gone
              – you wont know which level is good for you until you start using it. start on level 1 with a test patch and progress from there.
              – you can use the machine 1 every 2 weeks for the first 3 months, then 1 time per week after that
              – you must always shave to remove the body hair, no waxing or tweezing or threading
              I think in Abu Dubai, you can get delivery from the UK, so try here to see if you can get delivery? Click Here Otherwise, you will need to buy the Remington Model here. It should definitely ship to you in Abu Dubai.

          54. Hi, i loved reading your review. Have a rather dark tan and started wondering what if i buy Tria and it will not work. Also, may i ask you about eye protection related concerns with Tria? Cheers! Beatrix

            • hi beatrix. sorry for my late reply. your comment was missed. did you still need help? I apologize, do let me know if you need my assistance 🙂

          55. Hi, I am thinking about buying it however I have few concerns. I’m one of those people who have dark hair on stomach and back. Is it safe to use them on those areas?

          56. Hi. I have fair skin tone and facial hair growth problem I want to get rid of it. How does tria works for the person like me? How many sessions would be needed and how shall I use it?

            • hi hina. the tria will work great on to get rid of your facial hair. you will probably need about 8-10 sessions but this is all dependent on your hair growth cycle. its a really efficient machine for your face though!

          57. FDA Approved


            Hi, does tria works on other body parts? I have hairy fingers and toes with dark hair and light skin 😀

            • Of course it does, its an excellent machine to remove hair on your fingers and toes!

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